Witches Cauldron on a stick

Witches Cauldron on a stick


Witches Cauldron on a Stick

• 1 cup of  Rich & Creamy chocolate frosting
•  Dark chocolate cake mix
• Eggs, water and vegetable oil as per the instructions on the cake mix box
• 4 1/2 cups of black candy melts
• 1 cup of green candy melts
• 35 paper lollipop sticks
• Black string licorice, cut into 35 (2-inch) pieces
• 6 teaspoons of shortening
• Block of plastic foam

• Make the cake mix as per the instructions given on the cake mix box for 13×9-inch pan, using the eggs, water and oil. Let this cool.
• Using waxed paper, line a cookie sheet. Crumble the cake you prepared into a large bowl. Add frosting to the crumbles and mix well. Shape this mixture into 2-inch balls and place on wax paper lined cookie sheet. Freeze until the balls are firm and keep them refrigerated.
• In a moderately sized microwave-friendly bowl, heat the black candy melts and 4 teaspoons of the shortening while uncovered on moderate (50%) heat for 1 minute, then in 15-second intervals, until melted; stir until smooth. Repeat the same procedure with the green candy melts and the remaining 2 teaspoons of shortening. Dip the tip of 1 lollipop stick about half an inch into the melted black candy and insert stick into 1 cake ball a maximum of halfway. Do the same with the rest of the lollipop sticks. Place the lollipops back into the cookie sheet and refrigerate these for 5 minutes. Remove a few of the lollipops at a time from the refrigerator and dip the cake balls in the melted black candy (remember not to tap off excess). Place the cake balls upside down on the cookie sheet and let them stand until they are set.
• Spoon the green candy onto the top side of each cake ball and immediately attach the licorice to the each one of the cake balls so that they look like handles. Pin the opposite end of each stick into the foam block and let them stand until they are set.

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