Easy Ombre Nails Tutorial

Easy Ombre Nails Tutorial

ombre nail tutorial

These gorgeous, blended-look nails are super trendy and so simple to recreate! Skip the salon and get the ombre nails look at home with this easy tutorial.


Makeup sponge
White nail polish
Three coloured nail polishes
Acetone nail polish remover
Cotton swab for removing excess polish

Start by trimming a makeup sponge to as close to the same size as your fingernails. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but it will help reduce having too much polish on your skin.

Paint every nail white for the base coat.

white fingernails

Once the base is dry, with two coats, paint the sponge with your coloured nail polish, making one stripe of colour for each polish. Cover one side of the sponge entirely, as this will be painting your nails.

Line up the sponge with your nail, and dab it a few times to apply the polish. Repeat this process with every nail, adding more polish if necessary, and then repeat on ALL the nails so that they end up with at least two coats of the stripy mixture.

striped sponge ombre

Your nails may look bumpy or rough, but that is okay. Add a layer of topcoat, which will smooth out the rough spots.

stripe sponge

Use a cotton swab dipped in acetone to remove the excess polish from around your nails.

ombre nail tutorial

Here’s another variation…

base coat nails ombre sponge ombre painted nails

Hit the town and show off your new manicure, and be sure to tell them where you learned how to do it!

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how to make your nails glow

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