Vintage Look Photo Mason Jars (Pinterest Favourite!)

Vintage Look Photo Mason Jars (Pinterest Favourite!)


Social media provides a lot of inspiration for us here at Party Supplies Now, and we thought you’d love these gorgeous vintage look photo mason jars. They are very easy to make and last ages, plus they’d make perfect table decorations for your wedding or anniversary party.

Here’s what you’ll need:

Glass Mason jar with lid, or any glass jar and lid that seals tightly
Vegetable oil (enough to fill your jar)
Black and white or sepia photos
Optional extra: dried lavender or other dried flower


glass jars with lids

vintage photos courtesy wiki commons

Place your photograph inside the jar, pressing the image against the side of the jar to make room for the oil.

Fill the jar with vegetable oil, then drop in your dried flower.

Put on the lid, seal tightly, and display.

Try sitting the jar in a window to let the sunlight shine through, or place a battery powered LED tea light behind the jar to create a romantic look for your special event.

jars of oil and sprigs of lavender vintage look photo mason jar as seen on pinterest

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