Easy Coloured Bath Paints For Kids

Easy Coloured Bath Paints For Kids

easy bath paint for kids

Does your little one hate bath time? Here’s one simple DIY bath creation that will make them want to jump into the bath several times a day. These easy coloured bath paints are so much fun, you may want to make some for yourself!


Bowls or cupcake tins
Shaving foam
Food colouring
Paint brush


Glow in the dark paint

Simply squirt some shaving foam into each hole in the cupcake tin, or into several bowls if you’d rather make a large batch.

Add a few drops of food colouring to each container of shaving foam, and mix to colour it. For extra fun, add some glow in the dark paint, and switch off the lights.

Let the kids paint it on the walls of the shower or bath tub, or even on themselves!

A word of warning, adding too much food colouring looks great, but can stain your skin and the tub. Try mixing several colours for rainbow effect. Kids will love it, and you’ll have no problems getting them in the bath ever again.

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