Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions With These Tips

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This year, make those New Year’s resolutions count. How many times have you made a list of resolutions, only to break them all by the end of January? Well, let us help you make this the year that you keep all of your resolution. Here’s to a great New Year, and a New You!


Save Money

This is one of the most popular resolutions made every year, and it seems like one of the hardest to keep. When money is tight, can be tempting to forget about trying to save money for a rainy day, but that’s a terrible idea. Instead, start small. Just put away $5-10 each week and see how quickly it can add up. Consider setting up an automated transfer each week from your main day-to-day account into a savings account to make saving even easier.

If you are saving for a special event such as a wedding or the birth of a baby, keep a visual reminder of why you are saving. A photo in your wallet or one pinned up in your kitchen will remind you constantly of the reason why you are saving money.

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Lose Weight

Who hasn’t made this resolution at least once in their lives? Losing weight doesn’t have to be difficult if you use a little common sense and forward planning.

One of the most important things you can do when trying to lose weight or just become healthier is to drink plenty of water. If plain water is not your favourite thing, try adding some fruit juice to it to improve the flavour. Try the Aqua Zinger for an easy way to infuse great fruit or vegetable flavour in your tap water so you’ll actually want to drink more.



If one of your resolutions is to reduce your stress levels, we can totally relate! After the busy Christmas season, it can be hard to unwind and learn to relax in order to stay healthy. Fortunately, we know of some super easy ways to beat stress that will have you feeling great in no time.

Experts agree that meditation or even relaxed, deep breathing in a quiet space is a great way to beat stress. Why not add some quiet ambience to your living space with a Living Colour Decoration Light. It creates a soothing atmosphere in any room of your home that is perfect for relaxing and de-stressing after a hard day at work or any time. It looks great and will help you create a calm, relaxing space that you’ll love to spend time in.

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If you really want redecorate your home, but there’s just no money in your budget, try these simple tips


A simple coat of paint can totally transform any room in your house, and it doesn’t cost a lot to get a great look. Try painting a single wall in an accent colour to add some character to a plain room.


Sometimes, all it takes to give a room a completely new look is a few choice accessories. Add a table, some lamps or even a new lounge suite. Little touches can make a big difference!


An easy way to spruce up any room in your house is to add some decorative lights. String lights are an inexpensive but elegant way to add romance or drama to any space.


Spend More Time With Family

For many people, this resolution means the most but can be difficult to keep, especially with hectic schedules and busy lives. Why not try to make time each week to have a family activity, whether it’s a fun board game or a splash about in the pool? Even the simplest of activities can become rewarding memories your family will never forget.

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