Rainbow Themed Party Ideas For All Ages

Rainbow Themed Party Ideas For All Ages

Rainbows aren’t just for rainy days. In fact, these colourful beauties are the inspiration for a hot trend in parties, the rainbow themed party. Whether you are hosting a birthday for your child or looking for a fun theme for your next party, rainbow themes are impressive, easy and loads of fun. Here are some tips for rainbow themed parties for all ages.

Children’s parties
Kids are naturally drawn to bright colours, so even the youngest child will love this party theme. From your party food right through to your decorations, go mad with colour! Start by sending out brightly coloured invitations, and attach a rainbow coloured lollipop to each one.
For your party decor, you can use helium filled balloons to create a rainbow of colour all around the room. Use brightly coloured tissue paper decorations to make rainbow centrepieces, or mount them on the wall to make an actual rainbow.
rainbow paper lanterns rainbow tissue paper
Food for kids’ rainbow parties should be easy and fun. These adorable jelly filled orange wedges are perfect for small hands, and they are super tasty.
Teens’ parties
Older children and teens will want something a little more mature, but still fun. Skip the paper party decorations and instead opt for party lighting. The rainbow projector light is perfect for keeping up the rainbow theme, and it doubles as a fun piece of decor for their bedroom after the party.
Linking balloons in a rainbow of colours are great for outdoor celebrations, especially when filled with helium. Create a rainbow archway for your guests to sit or walk under. It looks great and feels extra special.
rainbow balloons rainbow birthday cake rainbow jelly cake
led rocket rainbow
Food for teens needs to be fun and plentiful. Try making up non-alcoholic rainbow jelly shots, or whip up a batch of rainbow fudge. It’s a tasty treat that’s almost too pretty to eat!
For the adults
Anything goes with an adult oriented party. Boozy jelly shots and clever cakes in jars make a rainbow menu that every guest will love, while your party decor can encompass everything from our LED rocket light to a lovely selection of paper lanterns in every colour of the rainbow.
These rainbow inspired shot glasses are easy to make and so much fun…you’ll want to make them for every party!
rainbow pudding rainbow ice shot glass
Get some inspiration for your next rainbow themed party right here at Party Supplies Now! (TIP: Try searching for the word ‘rainbow’ on our website to see some fabulous recipes, ideas and products to make your party amazing!)

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