Painted Shoes Using Nail Polish

Painted Shoes Using Nail Polish

painted shoes and nail polish

Can’t afford a pair of Louboutins? Sick of the same old boring heels? Give your shoes a brand new life with this painted shoes with nail polish makeover. It’s so easy and fun, you may need to buy more shoes!


White nail polish
Coloured nail polish
Rubbing alcohol
Acrylic spray sealant
Glitter spray (optional)

For painted soles:

Start by cleaning the bottoms of the shoes with rubbing alcohol to prepare them for painting.

Paint two coats of white nail polish on the bottom of the shoe, allowing the first coat to dry before adding the second.

Once the primer coat is dry, paint the sole with your coloured nail polish. Allow the first coat to dry, then add an additional coat. You may want to apply several coats to get a more vibrant look, just allow each coat to dry before adding another.

Once the last coat is dry, spray on the acrylic sealant to set the paint.

Wear your new shoes, and wait for the compliments!

plain and painted sole of shoe plain soles and painted soles

For painted heels:

Clean the heel with alcohol before painting.

Follow the same steps for painting the shoe’s sole, taking care to keep the paint only on the heel.

Add spray glitter before sealing.

painted shoes with polish shoes with painted heels

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