The Ultimate How To Make A Hula Hoop Chandelier Checklist

The Ultimate How To Make A Hula Hoop Chandelier Checklist

Who would have thought that you could create a dreamy, romantic piece of lighting for your wedding or special occasion from a childhood favourite? The humble hula hoop has a new use, and it’s so different than you might expect. With just a few extra items, you can transform a plain hula hoop into a gorgeous chandelier that will make any space look breathtaking. Here’s how to get the look that was huge on Pinterest just recently!
hula hoop chandelier strip
You’ll need:
  • One plain unweighted hula hoop
  • Battery powered string lights
  • Spray paint
  • Fishing line
  • Tape, either clear or in the same colour as your lights and paint (hot glue may work, depending on the type of lights you use)

Step 1


Start with a plain hula hoop without anything inside. Empty hoops  are best because they remain balanced while hanging.
hula hoop wiki commons
Step 2
Spray paint the entire hoop in any colour you like, but we recommend using the same colour as your string lights.
spray paint wiki commons
Step 3
Once the hoop is dry, tape or hot glue the end of your string lights to the hula hoop, taking care not to cover the bulb. Wrap the strand of lights around the hoop, letting the lights hang down from the hoop. NOTE: To get the hanging lights look shown in the photos, use icicle style lights or use two different sets of lights and pull the strand down to form hanging ‘loops’ of light.
Once you’ve wrapped the string lights around the hoop, tape the remaining end to the hoop securely.
wiki common white hula chandelier
Step 4
Use fishing line to hand your chandelier anywhere you like, turn on the lights and enjoy!
hula hoop chandelier wiki common
Try using different styles of string lights to create magical, wonderful chandeliers in minutes for all your special events! Be sure to check out all the great string lights and fairy lights on Party Supplies Now for extra inspiration!

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