Party Supplies Now’s Guide to the Perfect Australia Day Party

Party Supplies Now’s Guide to the Perfect Australia Day Party


January 26 is Australia Day, the national holiday we all love. In honour of our great nation’s history, we thought we’d share a few tips to planning the perfect Australia Day party. Here’s the Party Supplies Now Guide to the Perfect Australia Day Party…enjoy!


Everyone knows that you can’t have a great Australia Day party without some great Australian foods, so we thought we’d share our recommendations for the best party tucker. Of course, feel free to serve whatever you fancy, but we just don’t think you can have a proper Australia Day party without the big three, Lamingtons, Pavlova and Vegemite sandwiches. :-)

Barbecues are another great Australia Day tradition, so feel free to fire up the Barbie and throw a few kebabs on for good measure. Grilled veg, fresh fruit and finger foods are all solid choices, and they are easy to prepare, leaving you more time to celebrate with your friends and family.

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It definitely isn’t a party without a few cold beverages, alcohol-infused or otherwise! If you are planning an outdoor celebration, don’t forget the Esky. No one likes warm beer, and it’s downright unpatriotic! If you prefer wine, keep it chilled with the Wine Corksicle. It will ensure every glass is just the right temperature right to the last drop.

If you opt for cocktails, try something like a Fruit Tingle cocktail. It tastes like the lollies and is easy to make when you use a mix. It’s the perfect fruity cocktail for summer and is sure to be a crowd pleaser.

Remember to keep plenty of water on hand, especially if it’s really hot out. The last thing that anyone needs is heat-stroke on Australia Day, so keep everyone cool and well-hydrated. If you have children at your party, keep them hydrated with frozen juice pops. Freeze in some fresh berries for a cool treat kids and adults will both love.

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Fun Extras

Decorate for your party with Australian flags, and feel free to dress accordingly. Clothing that represents any aspect of Australia, from its flag to its heritage, is perfect, but you can always add a bit of pizazz. Blue light show dreads are perfect for attracting attention at your party, and they are a great conversation starter, too.

Every good Australia Day party ends in fireworks, but if you can’t have real ones you might as well have the next best thing. Head indoors-yes, we said indoors-for your very own indoor fireworks display. It looks just like the real thing and can be personalized with your own display patterns. It even has realistic sound effects, though not quite as loud as the real thing.

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Wherever and however you celebrate, have an awesomely amazing, safe and happy Australia Day!

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