How To Make Lanterns For Your Wedding

How To Make Lanterns For Your Wedding

hanging glass jar lanternJust because you are planning your wedding on a budget doesn’t mean you can’t have gorgeous wedding decorations. Take a few tips from the current DIY wedding style trend and create your own lovely lanterns for your wedding celebrations. These three options are easy, elegant and perfect for any wedding. Just add your own personality and create some wonderful memories!

Tin Can Lanterns

These are the epitome of shabby chic, as you are literally turning your trash into artistic lanterns that will cast fantastic shadows at your wedding reception. You will need:

* Tin cans in whatever size you want your lantern to be (empty paint cans with handles are great for table centrepieces but they MUST be thoroughly cleaned out before using them
* Hammer
* Nail-choose whatever size you want your holes to be
* Spray paint
* Pliers
* Thin wire, if you want a handle

Start by cleaning out the cans and removing any labels and glue from the outside. Once they are clean, fill them with water and pop them in the freezer. Once the ice freezes, it will provide support for the can as you drive the nail in.

Using the hammer and the nail, put on hole near the top of the can on either side, if you want a handle for your lantern. Then, use the nail and hammer to punch out holes in either a design or freehand, random pattern on one or both sides of the can.

Allow the ice to melt, then check to see if the bottom of the can is bulging (due to the freezing process). If it is, simply tap it down with the hammer. Let the can dry, then spray the outside, top and bottom of the can with spray paint.

To add a handle, cut a length of wire and insert one end in one of the holes you made near the top of the can. Using the pliers, twist the end of the wire to secure it, and extend the wire to the other side to connect it to the second hole. Once it’s secure, you can hang it or simply sit it on a table or even on the ground.

To light your lantern, use either a small candle, such as a tea light candle, or use a small LED light, which is just as pretty and much safer than real candles.

tin lanterns

Hanging glass jar lanterns

These are so pretty and versatile that you’ll want to use them all the time, not just for your special day! Here are two brilliant ideas that will turn an ordinary glass jar into a beautiful lantern your guests will love.

Floral lanterns

Simply take a glass jar that has enough of a ‘lip’ to wrap a piece of wire or strong twine around. Wrap the twine or wire around the neck of the jar, and attach a second piece to form a hanger or handle. Place a single bloom in the jar, then add a few inches of water. Be sure that if you are hanging these lanterns you don’t add too much water or the weight could cause the jar to fall and smash. To light the lantern, use a submersible LED light or toss in a Fairy Berry. These are super simple but so gorgeous!

Hanging glass lantern

Use the same method you used to make a floral lantern, but instead of water and flowers, simply place a single LED light or candle inside the empty jar. This is perfect if you only have smaller jars to work with. To vary the look of this lantern, try filling the jars with varying levels of pebbles or dried beans and then placing the light on top of the jar’s contents. This varies the height of the light and looks very pretty at night.

hanging lanterns

If your DIY crafting skills are lacking, don’t worry…we have a solution!

Candle bag lanterns

These are perfect for lining pathways and creating a romantic ambiance at your outdoor wedding. If you are worried about fire hazards, try using an LED tea light instead of a real candle. They look amazing and are so realistic, your guests won’t be able to tell the difference.

Chinese paper lanterns

These are so easy to use; just open, insert a single LED light and hang wherever you like. Plus, these inexpensive decorations can be used again and again, so you can relive the wonderful memories of your wedding day every time you use them.

String light lantern

If you want to impress your guests, this is the super simple way to do it. Find any unusual clear glass container such as a vase or wine bottle and insert a strand of battery powered string lights. Use white for a soft, gentle look, or choose lights that match your wedding colours. TIP: Leave a little bit of the string light out of the container and tape it in place with clear tape to make it easier to remove the lights from containers with small openings.

bag lanterns

Find your wedding lighting inspiration right here at Party Supplies Now, and make your wedding day unforgettable!

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