How to accessorize yourself on your wedding day

How to accessorize yourself on your wedding day


Your wedding day is just around the corner … it is the moment that you have long been planning for. It is that one special day where all eyes will be on you… including that very man whom you are ready to spend the rest of your life with.

As you may have covered all the basics now – from your wedding gown to contacting suppliers of flowers, reception venue, videos and photos – it is high time now to go into the nitty-gritty details. How do you envision yourself as you walk down the aisle? How high will your shoes be? How will you accessorize yourself?

Yes you need to picture yourself and know what or which accessories you should be wearing on your wedding day. Below are some tips on how you should accessorize yourself:

Hair accessories
Some of the most common hair accessories are tiaras, comb, hairpins, feathers and all of these can go along well with a veil. But be careful not to choose too many hair accessories or combine them all together. It is always good to go traditional in this aspect like using a combination of two items, example a tiara and a veil, or hairpins and a veil. The case is a bit different with feathers because if you are to combine feathers with veil, then the veil would be just the short ones that is enough to cover from forehead to the eyes.

To choose the colour of hair accessories that you need, make sure that it would go well with your theme. Use it as it is as an accessory and you do not want it to steal the people’s attention away from you.

Most short-haired bride-to-bes are getting confused whether or not they can have hair accessories, and the answer is yes, definitely! Do not feel off wearing a tiara or hairpins and a veil even if your hair is short.

Would you need a nice dangling earing? Or do you look better with a pair of pearl earrings? Would you need a bracelet? A necklace perhaps? You see, the key in in wearing jewelleries will be dependent on your dress and how you would like to carry yourself on that day. If you would like to highlight your wedding gown, then it would be better to have simple or few jewelleries on, like a simple dangling earrings will be enough.

If your gown is simple yet elegant, then you can have more accessories like necklace, earrings and bracelet and/or a watch.

There are brides who don’t want to wear any jewellery at all for the simple reason that they don’t want the eyes of their guests and of their men to be on the jewelleries they are wearing but on them, on them alone.

Hand accessories
Some brides prefer to carry a pouch, normally of the same colour as the wedding gown. This pouch can be very handy because you can store handkerchief or your small fan which will be useful for the entire duration of your wedding ceremony. Your personal wedding vow can also be hidden in this pouch and when it’s the right time to read it aloud, it will be easy for you to get it.

Some brides also prefers wearing gloves – can be the laced ones and are normally white.

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