Fabulous Hens Party Ideas For Every Bride To Be

Fabulous Hens Party Ideas For Every Bride To Be

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If the big day is approaching and you are the lucky lady left to organize the hens night for your friend or family member, you probably want all the help you can get. After all, every bride-to-be expects the night of her life for her hens party, but how do you know what type of party to throw for the bride? These great tips will help you plan the best hens party ever, no matter what the bride enjoys!

The Party Girl

 This is probably the easiest type of hen to please. If she weren’t getting hitched soon, she’d probably be out on the town, hitting all the clubs and pubs and dancing  the night away. The best type of hens party for her is going to be one with lots of music, dancing and drinks.

Plan a trip to her favourite club and be sure to bring  lots of fun accessories to make the night truly brilliant. Type out ‘Bride-to-be’ on a digital text spinner and have the lady of honour carry it around with her all evening so that everyone knows that it’s her special night.

Accessorize her wardrobe with fun glow supplies like glow bobby pins and give her a cheeky bun pincher to round out her look. She’ll have more fun than any bride-to-be should ever have, and she’ll never forget her great hens night!

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The Stressed Out Hen

If your hen is super stressed over her big day, consider a spa day hens party as a relaxing way to enjoy herself. Gather all your girls and book into a full service spa for the day, or pamper yourselves at home with DIY spa treatments and cocktails. Give your hen a luxurious spa bath using the gelicity bath gel, and she’ll be relaxed and ready to get hitched without being a ball of nerves.

Champagne cocktails are a great accompaniment to an at-home spa day, so try this hibiscus champagne recipe and enjoy a few glasses while you pamper yourselves.

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The Homebody

This hen is usually curled up on the sofa with a glass of wine and a book or movie. Bring the party to her with a fun cocktail hens party and she’ll feel right in her element. The great thing about having a hens party at home is the fact that all the ladies can just crash for the night, no driving and no worries. Drink as much as you like and eat whatever you fancy, but make it fabulous!

Try breaking out snacks on a fancy flashing serving tray and whip up a few tasty cocktails. Use a cocktail mix or get creative and try making up your own recipes using your favourite booze and fruit drinks. Use a daiquiri ice crusher to get the perfect ice for every drink. Or, serve up a few shots in these cool ice shot glasses and get everyone in the mood for some hens party games!

Another great thing about having a hens party at home is the fact that everyone will be more likely to play all the fun hen party games that you suggest, such as truth or dare, naughty pass the parcel (with cheeky gifts inside each layer) and toilet paper bride, where you create your dream wedding dress from toilet paper in only five minutes. Bonus points for the team that uses the actual bride-to-be as their model!

The Poolside Princess

If the bride is the type that never leaves the pool, this is the perfect opportunity for an awesome pool party hens night. Break out the LED beach balls and sip margaritas by the pool, or float around in the cool water on a chill out party seat and you won’t even have to leave the pool to get a drink. Don’t forget the drinks and decorations, because every great pool party has plenty of both.

For hens parties that last late into the night (or all weekend!), battery powered lighting is a must, especially by the pool. Illuminated paper lanterns and flashing LED coasters will help you keep up with your margaritas and still see your way around the pool without falling in. Invest in a great set of plastic drinkware so you won’t have to worry about broken glass ruining the bride’s big day.

The Adventurous Hen

This girl is always up for adventure, so why not throw her a party that is wild and exciting? Glamping (glamour camping) is alwasy an option, especially if you rent a cabin with a jacuzzi. If the beach and surfing are more her style, why not throw a bonfire party at the beach, complete with Hawaiian leis and an esky full of drinks.
You can mix up cocktails on the spot with this cocktail mixer, and remember to bring a few torches to see where you sat your drinks!

Check out our complete selection of hens party items at Party Supplies Now, and plan the best hens party ever for your bestie!

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