Why Eclectic Weddings Are The New Perfect-Wedding Secrets Revealed

Why Eclectic Weddings Are The New Perfect-Wedding Secrets Revealed

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The pressure to have a ‘perfect’ wedding can be enormous for both the bride and the groom. Every detail must be considered and kept up with, and god forbid something should look or be out of sync with the perfect theme. This can turn many a stressed out bride into a raging Bridezilla, who ends up enjoying her wedding less than anyone else.

Perfect weddings are rarely that, and they are tremendously overrated anyway. Instead, you should choose an eclectic blend of styles that define you as a couple, and if you can’t quite figure out how to do that, try turning your fairytale wedding into a real fairy story.

‘Alice In Wonderland’ is a fabulous wedding theme, particularly if you plan around the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party. Serve your guests from adorably mismatched dishes and teacups, and serve food that is fun and ‘finger friendly’, like mini sandwiches, biscuits, and mushroom hors d’ouvres. Keep everything whimsical and fun, and you’ll automatically feel much less stressed.

If the ‘Alice’ theme isn’t your cup of tea, you could try having a rustic, country style wedding, using materials that are easy to source and inexpensive to use. Burlap sacks used as table and chair covers, glass jars for drinks, and even bundles of hay used as serving tables are all fun and functional. Use wildflowers for your arrangements, make your guests feel like part of your wedding, not just spectators.

Whether you opt for fairy tale fabulous, or shabby chic, there are easy ways to source your decorations and wedding accessories without spending a fortune.

  • Shop thrift and junk shops for china, tea sets and inexpensive furniture to use at your wedding.
  • Buy inexpensive, plain items online and add your own personal touch with paints or permanent markers.
  • Use items you find or make, especially when creating centrepieces. These will then become keepsakes for your guests to enjoy long after the wedding is over.

Eclectic or unusually themed weddings are also much more memorable for your guests than a traditional wedding theme. Who’s going to forget having fun, sipping drinks from mason jars or mismatched tea sets, and having a wonderful time?

Be sure to offer a suitable photo opportunity for your guests, so they’ll always remember your wedding. You can still hire a photographer, but give your guests a fun backdrop or cardboard prop to photograph themselves as well.

The real beauty in a slightly mismatched, eclectic wedding is the fact that it takes a load of stress off the bride and groom, and it makes your guests feel more at ease and comfortable. There’s no more wonderful way to start the beginning g of your new life as part of a married couple than to be surrounded by friends and family who are really able to enjoy your big day as much as you? Do yourself a favour, and skip perfection when planning your wedding. You’ll be so glad you did!

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