10 Things That Will Break or Make Your Wedding Day – Wedding Secrets Revealed

10 Things That Will Break or Make Your Wedding Day – Wedding Secrets Revealed

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Every girl wants the perfect wedding day, and it’s easy to get caught up in the whole process. But, if you want your day to be one you’ll actually want to remember, pay attention to these ten things that will break or make your wedding day.

1. Budget Your Time

Too often, brides get all excited, buying and planning lots in the beginning of their engagement, but once the excitement wears off, things get left to the last minute. Start by making a list of things that are a top priority, such as booking a venue and hiring a photographer, and make sure those are dealt with early on in the engagement.

2. Budget Your Money

Too much early spending and changing your mind about décor and colours later on can mean disaster for your budget. Instead, work out exactly how much you want to spend on the wedding, and start saving money before you ever set a date.

3. Don’t Aim For Perfection

Go with your instincts and stick with them. Changing things a million times to try and achieve the perfect wedding will have the opposite effect.

4. Don’t Forget The Paperwork

Find out the laws regarding marriage wherever you are getting hitched, and apply for any permits, licenses or other documents well in advance.

5. Don’t Skimp On The Wrong Things

If money is an issue, don’t cut corners the wrong way. Food can be lower budget and still tasty, and flowers should be optional, but don’t let your dear Aunt June be the wedding photographer. Unless she’s an actual professional, you could be disappointed with the results and ruin your relationship.

6. Pay Your Vendors On Time

A missed payment could negate your contract completely, leaving you without a crucial service on the big day. Keep up with your payments and make them on time. Also, it’s a great idea to send out a thank you card to each vendor before the event. It earns you brownie points and they’ll be more likely to give great service.

7. Don’t Be A Witch

There is nothing that will ruin a good wedding faster than Bridezilla coming down the aisle. Be nice.

8. Consider Your Comfort

Weddings can last a long time, so remember to make yourself and your guests comfortable. Break in your new wedding shoes before you need them, so you won’t have achy feet halfway through the day. Maybe change into something that’s easier to dance in than your wedding dress. Sit down and relax every now and then. You’ve earned it!

9. Remember The Groom

Guys aren’t huge fans of all day girl weddings, so remember to keep your man involved as much as he wants to be in the planning, and cut him a little slack if he wants to spend part of the reception chilling with his mates or family. After all, he’s yours for the rest of your life, so don’t begrudge him a little time on his wedding day.

10. Enjoy The Day

Celebrate the result of your months of planning. Relax, and enjoy your special day!

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