How to make DIY wedding invites

How to make DIY wedding invites

Making your own D.I.Y wedding invitations

Creativity, resourcefulness, imagination, artistic talents – these are just some of the must-have’s if you want to make your own wedding invites. Yes, a DIY wedding invitation is another good chance you can grab to make a memorable wedding while making sure that you are working within your budget.

So can you make your own wedding invites? Of course you do, here are some of the tips that you can follow:
1. Think of your theme. Your wedding invites should coincide with your wedding theme.
If it is a traditional wedding, then you can follow the traditional contents of the wedding invites from the words “We cordially invite you to….” down to the list of your sponsors.

If it is a beach wedding, then you can design it by drawing, cutting and pasting of some photos or enclosing actual items or things that you normally see in the sea (starfishes, fish, sand, shells).

2. Be resourceful and creative. You don’t have to buy all the stuff that you will need for your wedding invites, look around you, sometimes the items that you require are just sitting inside your room. You just have to let your imaginations work out for you.

For example, you want your wedding invites to have the vintage effect, you can use the normal photocopy papers and dip it in coffee, hang to dry and voila you already achieve the vintage effect that you want. Just make sure to print out all the information that you want printed in each paper (such as the date and venue of your wedding etc.) before dipping it in the coffee.

Another example is if you want your wedding invites to have a smooth and flashy effect. You can use any coloured paper for printing, then with the use of a piece of cotton swabbed in baby oil, wipe it on the whole paper and let it dry for a minute or two. You will be amazed how classy the papers will turn out.

3. Don’t be scared to combine colours. Whether you are an artist or not, combining colours should not worry you. This is neither rocket science nor an algebraic equation that you will have to follow a certain step or a specific formula to get the result. You can use any colour combination that you want as long as it highlights your and your wife’s/husband-to-be’s personality and that it depicts the commitment you both have for the upcoming marriage.

4. Size and shape should not be conventional. Think out of the box. Not all wedding invites follow the same rectangular shape and size. You can do or use whatever size and shape that you like. Again the key is to follow your theme and highlight your and your wife’s/husband-to-be’s personality.

For example if both of you loves travelling, then you can use a car-shaped, a plane-shaped or a sandals-shaped invites.

If you loves scrap booking, then make your invites look like a scrap book, and that every invite can have a slightly different content/or design from each other.
Don’t fret, just enjoy! Cutting, making some drawing, pasting photos, tying ribbons, combining colours – these are just some of the things you have to do to finish your own sets of DIY wedding invites. But you need not worry too much. This is for your wedding and what is important is that you want your families and friends to witness this momentous event, hence the invite. They will love every bit of effort you put in it, that is for sure.

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