Expensive Birthday Parties for the Rich and Famous (and How You Can Have One For Less!)

Elton John party concert

We know birthdays are a big deal, and you’ve probably spent loads of money planning your own birthday  or planning one for someone you know, but you’ve probably never spent as much as these people! From dancing girls to celebrity guests, it takes a lot to create the perfect celebrity birthday party. Here are some very expensive birthday parties held by people with a lot of money to spend! (If they’d only shopped at Party Supplies Now, they could have saved a fortune!)


P Diddy Combs


Singer and superstar P Diddy knows how to celebrate. He regularly hosts parties for other people and has his own annual White Party where all his guests wear white. For his own 40th birthday he reportedly spent around $3 million (US). The event at the Plaza Hotel featured a Black and White theme and the singer used exotic orchids to decorate the event. The flowers alone are reported to have cost around $28,000, but the effect was probably pretty spectacular. We’re guessing that the cost of drinks for the night probably made up a good portion of this three million dollar figure, since P Diddy kept the champagne flowing.


You don’t have to have the budget of a rock star to celebrate like one; copy P Diddy’s style and host your own Black and White themed event using some of our great black and white string lights, black and white paper lanterns and some black and white balloons. Remember to keep things simple and stick to the colour scheme, which is simple and elegant. The look is easy to achieve and classy enough for any big event!


For instant glamour on your table tops, try placing a black satin table runner on a white tablecloth. This contrast of colour is simple but effective and carries the Black and White theme to your tables. Serve foods that fit the colour scheme, like black (dark chocolate) and white Oreo Balls. They look and taste like a million dollars!


Simon Cowell


The celebrity judge of television shows ‘X Factor’ and the ‘Idol’ shows in America and Britain celebrated his 50th birthday with a lavish party packed full of celebrities, champagne, topless dancers and a shark tank. Pretty typical stuff for a celebrity, don’t you think?


While Simon’s party cost a small fortune, you can host a much less expensive birthday party with a fishy theme. Use the Ocean Projector Pod to create an amazing ambience at your event. There’s no need for real sharks when you add some fun Flying Nemo balloonsthey are fun for kids and adults, too. There are so many ways to create an underwater theme for your party using party supplies and party decorations, and it’s a great theme for all ages.


Rather have an outdoor celebration? Get your pool party‐ready with a fun pool disco light. You can always give it a tropical theme with fruity drinks and tropical foods served by hula girls, topless being optional! We also suggest you skip the sharks, as they are nowhere near as much fun as they sound!


Leonardo DiCaprio


This actor celebrated his 38th birthday in style by having a lavish dinner party at famed restaurant ‘The Darby’ in New York. Guests such as Beyoncé, Jay Z, Cameron Diaz and Robert DeNiro dined on steaks, dishes made with truffles and scoffed loads of expensive bottles of wine and champagne. However, proceeds from every bottle sold during the party were donated to charity. DiCaprio managed to give $500,000 to charity from these proceeds alone. What a generous birthday gift!


A dinner party doesn’t have to be expensive to be glamourous; serve foods that don’t cost a fortune and serve them on great tableware. Use pretty drinkware and don’t forget to decorate for the event. Candles are always stylish and look very glamourous on your own ‘celebrity’ table. Party supplies and decorations for a dinner party don’t have to be bold and bright, unless you want them to be!


Cocktail parties are another great birthday party option. Offer a selection of simple but tasty cocktails and keep the food simple. Finger foods and snacks are all you need with some great wine or cocktails. Let the drinks flow and enjoy the evening with friends and family.


Sir Elton John


When he turned 60, the singer, known for his flamboyant spending and amazing songwriting skills, spent a reported $1.6 million dollars (US). The party was held at a gothic chapel and celebrated with a few (400) friends, including Paul McCartney and Pierce Brosnan. Elton held a concert for over 200,000 people in New York as well, making it a great birthday celebration for the guests, too.


Don’t have the money or space for 400 people? Keep your guest list short and sweet, limited to just friends and family. Consider taking the party outdoors to accommodate more people. Barbecues and pool parties are a great way to entertain more people for less money, especially when you ask your guests to bring a dish.


If you want to take it a step further and have a music themed party you can do this easily with the right party decorations. An LED disco party light is a great way to add some drama to your decorating, while a cardboard jukebox adds a little bit of rock and roll with ease. Ask your guests to dress as their favourite musician or celebrity and make it a costume theme event for even more fun!


Take a cue from these celebrities and party in style. Get creative with the party decorations to create an event that your guests will never forget. After all, birthdays only happen once a year!


Throw a birthday party that looks like you’ve spent a million dollars without actually breaking your budget. Order your party supplies, party lights and party decorations online from Party Supplies Now for millionaire products at pauper’s prices. You can have a birthday that looks expensive for less, and no one has to know you didn’t spend a fortune!

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