The Ultimate Party Guide To Summer Party Must-haves

The Ultimate Party Guide To Summer Party Must-haves



Summer is comingare you ready? Endless days of beach picnics and backyard barbecues intermingled with pool parties, oh the joys of summer entertaining. If you aren’t ready to be the Hostess with the Mostest, or The Man with a Plan when it comes to summer parties, you’re going to regret it. No worries, though, because we have a list of everything you need to make any summer party awesome. Here’s our guide to the summer party must-haves you’ll want around when the temperatures start to soar.


  • Every good party has to have the right kinds of food, so don’t be that sad person who sets out a plate of cheese and crackers and stale crisps and expects their guests to be satisfied. Make sure your guests have plenty of nosh.
  • If you’re partying outdoors, it’s important to have a way to keep the foods at just the right temperature. To avoid lugging a heavy Esky out just to chill your salads, try the Inflatable and Portable Salad Bar/Buffet Table Top/Cooling Station. It inflates in seconds, packs up for easy transport, and keeps foods nicely chilled for hours.


  • Finger foods are also a must have for outdoor entertaining, so you can have a cold beer in one hand and your food in the other. Cake pops, kebabs, finger sandwiches, chilled prawns and other finger nibbles are easy for guests and easy on you, since there’s usually a lot less preparation involved.

Great cake pops to try!

Lemon Cake Pops

Heart Shaped Cake Pops

  • To make kebabs even easier, try the Kebabecue, an awesomely easy way to make perfect kebabs every time. It cuts down your prep time, so you can enjoy your party while you cook.
  • Keep the outdoor serving dishes party-friendly by choosing sturdy plastic options that won’t smash if they get dropped on the ground. Items like the Flashing Serving Tray are perfect for outdoor entertaining, especially at night.
  • Don’t forget the kids when planning the food and drinks. Snow cones pull double duty, keeping kids hydrated and cooled off at the same time. Load them up with fresh fruit or try some of the great flavours in our snow cone mixes pack to keep the little ones happy.

ice slush machine mixes for parties_thumb


We all know the best part of any summer party is the drinking of tasty beverages, especially if they are laden with alcohol. Don’t ruin your booze by serving it hot, or your party will probably end sooner than you’d like.

  • A portable ice cube maker solves a lot of your drink-chilling problems, but it doesn’t solve the problem of how to keep your beer ice cold. Thankfully, the Beer Chillsner does, so make sure to have plenty of these fantastic gadgets on hand for every party. Just take one out of the freezer and pop it into your bottle of beer to keep it perfectly chilled right down to the last drop.
  • Prefer wine instead? The Wine Corksicle does the same thing to a bottle of wine, keeping your chilled wines cool all throughout the party. You’ll probably get a lot of use out of the Corksicle, so keep one in the freezer at all times to be ready for unexpected guests so you’ll always be ready to party.

Try these perfect party wine drinks at your next pool party.

White Wine with Lime and Pomegranite Spritzer

Wine Sangrias

  • Serve your drinks from plastic drinkware, and you’ll eliminate the risk of broken glass near your pool or patio. Our LED flashing mug, martini and wine glasses are perfect for outdoor entertaining, especially when the sun goes down. The LED lights in the glasses make them easy to see even in the dark.
  • If your party is in the pool, keep an inflatable cooler filled with ice nearby so your guests won’t have far to go for a cold drink. Or, place a few of the inflatable flamingo drinks holders in the pool, so your guests don’t have to leave the water to quench their thirst.


Don’t forget the decorations for your summer parties, especially if they are outdoors. The more festive your décor, the better the party vibe will be! For seriously cool parties, opt for LED lighting as a decoration. Of course, this works best at night, but it’s worth waiting for an evening party if you have impressive lighting to go with it.

  • The Garden Landscape Waterproof Light covers your entire garden in sparkly, twinkly light effects. It is a truly unique look that your guests will love, and you’ll probably want to use it all year long. – Follow the link to see a MUST SEE VIDEO – we were SHOCKED!

party light for gardens

  • If your party is by the pool, toss in a Disco Pool Light and enjoy the pretty light show. It’s fully waterproof and easily portable, so you can use it anywhere, anytime. Or, put up some pretty battery operated string lights to add a gentle ambience to the party. With no need for electricity, you can use them anywhere you like.
  • For indoor parties, the LED Chaser light flashes to the beat of music, and is portable enough to go wherever you do. And, use cardboard cutouts to create fun scenes or offer great photo opportunities for your guests. Who wouldn’t want to have their photo snapped standing next to Homer Simpson in a grass skirt?

Whatever type of summer party you are planning, make sure to get the essentials at Party Supplies Now, so your events will be unforgettable!

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