How to Throw the Perfect Party for Tweens

How to Throw the Perfect Party for Tweens


There comes a point when your little darling isn’t really so little anymore. Somewhere around the age of twelve or so, kids start wanting something a little more mature for their birthday parties, but they aren’t quite ready for the teen stuff just yet. It can seem impossible to find just the right mix of childhood fun and budding maturity, but it is possible to plan a party any tween would be proud to attend. Just follow these tips, and we promise there will be minimum drama from your tween, but we can’t promise a lack of eye-rolling or sarcasm!

Choose the venue

For most tweens, a party at home can run the risk of seeming too babyish, especially if you invite lots of relatives. But, you can still make a home party work, especially if you need to save money on the venue in order to spend more on those expensive tween gifts! The key to pleasing a teen with a home party is to keep friends and family separate; throw a small, intimate party for families one day, then have a bigger bash for the kids on a separate occasion.

If your tween wants a party outside the home, or if you need to have one somewhere else due to space restrictions, consider your tween’s interests. Roller skating, bowling, cinemas and amusement parks are all excellent venues for birthday parties because they typically keep the kids engaged, allowing you to relax and enjoy the party yourself. Many places also provide the food and drinks as part of their party package, making it even easier on you.

If paying for a venue is out of the question, consider a pool party and a barbecue. This keeps the kids out of the house and increases the amount of space you have to celebrate. Use things such as pool games and floats to make it more fun, and don’t forget to plan for lots of splashing! It’s a good idea to keep your decorations and food ‘outdoors friendly’, so waterproof and plastic items should be used for decorating and serving.

Don’t decorate for babies

Skip the cutesy cartoon characters and cuddly animals for tween parties, it’s just not cool! Tweens want to feel like they are older than they really are, so use decorations that they’ll love for years. LED lights, flashing furniture and groovy disco lighting are types of items that won’t be used once and forgotten. They will love getting these out year after year for their birthday parties because they are just so cool, and so much fun!

Don’t opt for plain, boring balloonschoose party supplies and decorations that will help your tween make a great impression on their friends. Flashing foil balloons or helium filled linked balloons look fancy but don’t cost a fortune. Cardboard cutouts are also fun decoration that can be reused again and again. Keep the tone more mature and avoid anything that could embarrass your tween, otherwise it will be the end of the world, at least in their eyes!

If your child wants a theme party, let them choose some fun accessories for it. If they want a Hollywood style glamour extravaganza, supply the red carpet and let the kids do the rest. Tweens are normally very good at vying for the spotlight, and this can be a fun theme for birthdays.

Another great theme party is dress up, but with a twist. Every guest must dress as their favourite book or movie character, and everyone has to guess who they are. This takes care of party games, too!

In addition to more mature decorations, consider the music you are going to play at the party. Skip the ‘Wiggles’ theme music; in fact, don’t try to choose the playlist at all. Your tween knows the type of music that kids their age like, so let them play DJ with an iPod or MP3 player. You can always make a few suggestions, but leave the final say up to your little party planner! For a true disco vibe, use the LED Disco Party Light. It flashes in time with whatever music is being played and it’s a fun way to get the kids up and dancing.

Party foods for tweens

Tweens still love cake and sweets, but they also love to impress their friends with the coolest trends in party foods. Cupcakes are cool, but cake pops are cooler. Let your child’s tastes dictate the food, within reason. Crisps, fruit trays, pizzas and soda are all acceptable, but skip juice boxes, as they are too babyish for tweens. A chocolate fountain is always great fun for tween parties, or you could let them make their own fairy floss. It’s not that difficult and they’ll have fun getting interactive with the food!

Consider serving foods on flashing platters for a fun effect the older kids will love. We recommend opting for disposable drinkware and tableware for easy cleanup and no worries if things get dropped. Tweens are typically not known for their gracefulness, but their clumsiness tends to be temporary, so bear it out!

To save money and prevent wasted food, get your tween to help plan the menu based on their friends’ tastes. Sub sandwiches are a great choice if you want something besides just nibbles. Cans of soda and bottles of water are easy choices, but they can push the cost of the party up, so opt for larger bottles and pour into individual glasses instead.

Save money and time

Dealing with pre-teens is stressful enough, so why add to the drama? Save money and time by buying all of your party supplies and decorations online from Party Supplies Now. We offer the best prices on the great items you and your tween will love, so take a look and plan your party today!

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