How To Make A Fabulous Fluffy Glow Cloud

How To Make A Fabulous Fluffy Glow Cloud


This fluffy cloud won’t bring rain, but it will bring a smile to your face! It’s so easy to make and looks great at nightmake several and create a cluster of fluffy loveliness!


Paper lantern
Fluffy fiberfill (for filling pillows)
Hot glue gun and glue
LED light for paper lanterns

supplies for glow cloud

Start by assembling the paper lantern. For this project, a light coloured lantern works best. Use any size you like, or mix and match sizes for a fun look.

glue fluff to lantern

Carefully glue the fluffy fiberfill onto the outside of the paper lantern, completely covering it. Fluff it up as you go to add shape to your cloud.

fluffy glow cloud with light

Once it’s completely covered, insert your LED light. If you don’t have one made for paper lanterns, use a colour changing LED tealight.

Hang your cloud from the ceiling or door frame using clear fishing line or string.

Turn on the LED light, and enjoy the glow!


Hang some of our warm white led fairy lights for extra effect….

DIY cloud

fluffy glow cloud

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