How To Tie Dye Using Sharpie Markers

How To Tie Dye Using Sharpie Markers

tie dye using sharpie markers

Tie dye is such a fun, cool look, but it can be super messy. We’ve got the perfect solution for this. This amazing tie dye using Sharpie markers is quick, easy and fun. Even the kids can help, and the results are amazing. Here’s how to tie dye t-shirts or white canvas shoes using permanent Sharpie markers.


Plain white t-shirt or white canvas shoes
Various colours Sharpie markers
Spray bottle
Rubbing alcohol
Iron to set the ink

If you are creating a tie dye t-shirt, place a piece of cardboard between the front and back before drawing on the shirt to prevent the ink from going all the way through.

20140728_193139000_iOS sharpies and spray bottle

Using permanent Sharpie markers, draw your design on the shirt or shoes. Be as simple or as intricate as you like! For all over tie dye, you’ll need to cover most of the item in ink, though the ink will spread out once the project is finished.

20140728_193517000_iOS 20140728_194247000_iOS sharpie tie dye projects

After you’ve coloured the item, simply fill a spray bottle with isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol, and spray the shirt or shoes with it to soak the ink. The ink will run, spreading out on the item and creating a fabulous tie dye effect.

Let your shirt or shoes dry thoroughly. To set the ink, iron lightly with a hot iron, or toss the shoes in a clothes dryer for ten minutes.

This makes a great project for children’s birthday parties. And tie dyed shoes look great with LED shoe laces, so grab a pair to really make your new footwear stand out.

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