Button Bowl Using A Balloon (As Seen On Pinterest)

Button Bowl Using A Balloon (As Seen On Pinterest)

button bowlIf you have lots of old buttons lying around that you don’t have a use for, this project is for you! Make a fantastic button bowl using a balloon, some glue and a little patience. Here’s how to do it.

What you will need:

A balloon
PVA craft glue (or any glue that dries clear)
Flat buttons in any size
Paint brush
Cup to stand balloon on

Start by inflating your balloon to the size you want your bowl to be. Tie the end of the balloon and place the tied end inside the cup so that the balloon is standing with the rounded end up.

Paint a layer of glue on the rounded end of the balloon in the size you want your bowl to be.

Once the first layer of glue has dried, you can add the buttons. Paint a small patch of balloon with glue and stick the buttons to the glue. Continue adding glue and buttons until you have covered your balloon.

After you get the buttons on the balloon, paint a generous layer of glue on the buttons, covering them completely. This will help hold them together to make the bowl.

balloon glue buttons

If you like, you can wait for the glue to dry and add another layer for strength.

Once the top coat of glue is dry, turn the balloon upside down and use the scissors to puncture the balloon. Remove it from your bowl, and trim the excess glue from the top of the bowl.

Use your new bowl for anything you like, just be careful not to put really heavy items in, or it could warp and break the glue.

This makes a great conversation piece or fun centerpiece for your table, so make one today!

button bowl examples


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