How To Make A DIY Paper Lantern Chandelier

How To Make A DIY Paper Lantern Chandelier

Colourful paper lantern chandeliers


This chandelier takes two of the most versatile and easy to use elements of party decorating and turns them into a fabulous, fancy or fun paper lantern chandelier! Make one of these for your next party, to add some fun to your home décor or to make a statement at your special event. They are easy to make, can be adjusted to suit your space, and are so much fun, you’ll want to make one right away!

You’ll need:

Paper Lanterns
Tissue Paper Pom Poms
Wooden dowels or sticks (one inch diameter is a good size)
Clear fishing line
Ceiling hooks
LED lights for the lanterns (optional, but fun)

Materials needed for paper lantern chandelier pretty pastel paper lantern chandelier two versions of paper lantern chandelier

Start by assembling your lanterns and pom poms. Be careful not to tear your paper when you assemble them, and use whatever colours you like.

Decide if you want to have a short, lower-hanging chandelier or a long, wide ‘cluster’ look, and cut your wooden dowel to the appropriate length. (You can also make an ‘X’ with two dowels, wrapping the centre with wire to keep the two pieces together, or you can form a rectangular framedidn’t we tell you this was versatile?!)

Arrange your lanterns and pom poms however you want along the wooden dowel or frame. The key to making a great chandelier is using different lengths of fishing line to create different heights for your lanterns and poms. For dramatic ‘floor-to-ceiling’ chandeliers, use a shorter piece of wood and longer pieces of fishing line to create a cascade of lanterns and pom poms.

Attach the paper lanterns and poms to the wood using the fishing line, and insert the LED lantern lights if you are using them.

Attach the entire chandelier to your ceiling using ceiling hooks and additional fishing line. Voila! Didn’t we tell you it was easy?

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