Diy Glitter Wine Glasses

Diy Glitter Wine Glasses

diy glitter wine glasses

Now you can make every sip of wine feel like a party with these gorgeous glittery glasses. So easy to make, you probably do them while you’re drinking though we wouldn’t recommend it. Make these for your wedding, your next Girls Night In, or just because. After all, there’s no such thing as too much glitter, right girls?

Glasses (any stemmed glass works well)
Bowls (for dipping glitter)
Mod Podge
Painters Tape
Small paintbrush
Newspaper to protect your work surface

Use painter’s tape to mark off straight lines on the drinking glass, if you want, or leave it off for a random, freehand look.

Paint on a layer of Mod Podge in any pattern or design you like.

Dip the base and stem of the glass into a bowl of glitter, or sprinkle it on liberally.

Allow it to dry, then brush on a thin coat of Mod Podge to seal in the glitter.
The Mod Podge will look white, but dries clear, so your glitter will shine through.

Hand wash gently to preserve your glitter glasses!

Try this on wine bottles to make coordinating sets for parties or weddings, or try glitterizing disposable plastic party glasses to make any event more glamourous.

get creative inspired glitter hands and wine bottle modpodge glitter use little or lot


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