How to Host an Ashes or Cricket Themed Party

cricket ball

Inspired by this year’s Ashes tournament, we started to feel all emotional, feeling very
bad for those poor souls who can’t see a live match. No worries, because you can
capture the spirit of the sport with an Ashes themed party! We’ve also listed a few
ideas for just a general ‘cricket’ theme party, if that’s more to your tastes. Enjoy!


Of course, we don’t all have a cricket pitch in our garden, but being outdoors is a must
for a great Ashes party. If you can provide a huge television to watch the game on,
even better. Just make sure you have an alternative place to go if it rains, so you won’t
lose your TV!

If you aren’t actually planning on watching the game, or if you just happen to fancy the
sport of cricket (who doesn’t?) you can host your party anywhere you have enough
room for all your guests.

ashes party food

Food and Drink

Cold beer and hot food are must haves for your Ashes party. Consider putting out a
few coolers to keep your drinks cold, and make sure you keep your cold foods cool,
too. An inflatable portable salad bar buffet is perfect for this, and it saves carrying a
heavy cooler out to feed everyone.

Make it easy to identify every guest’s beer with some beer savers for bottled beers. You could also use the awesome beer Chillsner to keep your bottles perfectly chilled. Whatever you use, make sure you have enough cold brews or other drinks to keep the party going for a long time, since you know how long a cricket match can last!

For your food, sandwiches and snack foods are perfectly acceptable. You don’t have to
provide anything too fancy, unless your guests are the English cricket team! Cupcakes
decorated to look like a cricket pitch are a fun option, or you could decorate them to
look like cricket balls.

Sliders, steaks or shrimp cooked on the barbecue are great choices too, especially if
the party is going to last a while. Your guests will want to eat plenty to offset the beer
while they watch the game.

ashes party beer


The beauty of hosting a cricket party, especially one held outdoors, is the fact that you
don’t have to do much in the way of decorations. If it lasts into the evening, a few
strands of string lights or fairy lights will add some ambience to the occasion.

Keep things informal and relaxed, unless you want to stir up a little friendly rivalry
among your guests. Australian and English flags are a fun decorative touch, and if you
can find a replica of the Ashes trophy, it’s even better.

Above all, have a great time enjoying an amazing sport, great beer and good friends.
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