Secrets Your Wedding Photographer Wants You To Know- Wedding Secrets Revealed

Secrets Your Wedding Photographer Wants You To Know- Wedding Secrets Revealed

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Before you walk down the aisle, you’ll probably spend more than a little time thinking about the photography for your wedding. Who you hire, what type of photos you want, and how much you are willing to spend are all your decisions, but there are some things every photographer would like for you to know.

Don’t try to control the photography session

Don’t ask your photographer to copy something you’ve seen on Pinterest, or in another photographer’s portfolio. In fact, don’t tell your photographer how to do their job. Instead, communicate the type of photos that you’d like, look at several different photographers’ portfolios, and pick one that you feel comfortable with.

Wedding photography is an art form. Asking one photographer to duplicate another’s style can come across as insulting. Instead, spend some time discussing your options with the photographer well in advance of the big day.

Prepare your guests

There really isn’t anything worse than having a beautiful photographic memory spoiled by the sight of dozens of cell phone cameras trying to take the same picture.

Declare a ‘no phone zone’, at least during the actual ceremony. There will be plenty of opportunities afterwards for those friend and family shots, but you only walk down the aisle once.

Easy on the booze

Nobody looks good drunk, so try to get the important photos out of the way early, before the champagne starts flowing. Once you have the friends and family pics out of the way, you can relax and enjoy yourself a little more.

Another benefit of taking these photos early is the fact that your hair and makeup will still look fabulous, and your white dress should still be pretty spotless.

Try to relax

Smiling brides are pretty brides, but cranky ones are not. The same goes for the groom. It’s amazing how much better your photographs can look when your genuine joy shines through.

Try to put aside any family feuds or arguments on your wedding day. And if there are certain people who really must not be near each other in your photos, tell your photographer in advance. They can’t read minds any more than you can, and would appreciate a heads up on these sorts of things.

Just remember, if you aren’t nice to your photographer, there’s a chance your photos will really stink. Chill out, be nice, and get better photos.

Be patient

After the wedding, your photographer will spend countless hours editing your photos to get the perfect finished product for you. Avoid calling or emailing ten times a day asking when they’ll be ready, or it could take longer than it really has to.

Don’t expect every single photo taken on the day to be presented to you. Some photographers take over a thousand photos per wedding, so only the very best make the cut. Then, hours of editing later, you will receive magic in photo form, but only if you give your photographer a chance to get the job done.

Remember these tips, work with your photographer instead of against them, and you’ll have great photographs to remember your special day forever.

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