5 Fun and Fabulous Birthday Parties for Teens

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Ahh, teens…you can’t just lock them up til they turn 18 and then send them packing, so you might as well try to get along with them during those crazy teen years. If you seem to be speaking a different language than your teen when it comes to planning a birthday party or event, try these universally teen-approved ideas that are not lame, we promise!



Discos are cool, no matter how old or young you are. In fact, if you are old enough to remember the original days of Disco, you may be able to offer up some ideas your teen may actually listen to. Disco theme parties are pretty easy, but you can add some major style with the right lighting and décor. Throw a couple of our Disco Scene setters on the wall and turn up the music for a blast from the past your teens will love!

Don’t forget the disco lights, the ultimate disco accessory. Our ‘go anywhere’ light display is the perfect disco lighting that your teen and their friends will love. All you need is some groovy music, a place to dance, and some funky disco accessories and you’ve got the perfect teen party!



Pool Party


Parents love the fact that this is an outdoor event, meaning a relatively quiet house indoors, and teens love showing off at the pool for their mates. As long as a few responsible adults are nearby to supervise the swimming, it’s a pretty easy party to plan. Remember to provide plenty of food and drinks, because we all know teens can have enormous appetites!

If the party is an evening event, use some great glow accessories such as glowing cups or LED beach balls to add some colour and fun to the décor. A pool disco light turns any pool into an awesome place for your teen to chill out or relax with their friends. You can even add a theme, such as tropical island getaway, and include plastic leis and a life size cardboard Hawaiian cutout for photos. Loads of fun your teen will love!

Pool Party birthday




Got a drama lover in your home? Movie fanatic living under your roof? If your teen loves movies, throw a Hollywood style premier party and tell all the guests to come in red carpet chic. Pad out your guest list with A-list celebrities like Marilyn Monroe, Marlon Brando and more with our fun, life size cardboard cutouts.

You can even give out awards for the best dressed or most dramatic entrance. Our Oscar inspired statues are a great novelty award that will make your teen’s party really stand out. Provide plenty of popcorn and maybe even show a few movies, if that’s what your teen wants. For an added touch of glamour, stand outside and snap loads of photos ‘paparazzi style’ as your guests arrive, then give them a copy of their best pic after the party!


Hollywood party




Teens love music, so give them what they love with a musical inspired party.  Karaoke is optional, but fun, so consider renting a karaoke machine if you don’t already own one, or use one of the popular sing along games that can be played on many of the more popular gaming consoles. Have guests dress according to their favourite musical style, whether it’s punk, country and western, or rock and roll, and add some awesome LED lighting to give the room a real concert feel.

Use our guitar shaped swizzle sticks in the drinks, or opt for the rock guitar ice cube shapes for an even cooler look. Decorate your cake or cupcakes with tiny musical instruments for a tasty music inspired menu.


music party


Slumber Party


A slumber party can work well for boys or girls, but probably not both at once, especially with teens! For either sex, a night time scavenger hunt followed by a midnight snack fest is the easiest way to please most teens. For added drama, grab a few of our LED bubble guns and let the teens go wild indoors or outside to burn off their extra energy.

Glow in the dark silly string is always a slumber party favourite, so stock up and let the kids get messy. Lure them back inside with glow straws for their drinks, serving up different coloured drinks to get the best effect. Then, let them sleep under the stars inside the house with our LED star lamp. It projects a gorgeous night time sky right on your walls and ceiling, and it’s perfect for slumber parties!


slumber party


Check out our other great teen-friendly party supplies at Party Supplies Now. We’ll help you create a party your teen will love, or at least one they won’t hate! :-)


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