Fun Party Games and Activities For Kids of All Ages

imageChildren’s parties can either be a lot of fun or a huge headache. If you constantly have little ones complaining of boredom, it’s no fun for anyone. How can you ensure that your next kids’ party will be a hit? You have to keep the little ones entertained with some awesome party games!

Have these fun party games and activities ready for your next birthday party and make it a memorable event!

Younger Kids

You can’t expect younger children to follow a lot of complicated rules, especially if they’re hyped up from eating loads of sugary birthday cake! Try these fun activities to keep them happy and entertained.


Cover a table with a blue sheet so that a parent can hide behind without being seen. Give a child a fishing rod made from a long stick with a piece of string tied to one end. At the end of a string attach a clip, and let the child dangle the clip behind the table to catch a ‘fish’. The hiding parent secretly attaches a party bag full of treats, then gives the string a tug to indicate that a fish has been caught. This is great fun for kids and a creative way to give out treat bags.


This is a much‐loved birthday party for kids the world over. Purchase a piñata from a shop or online. There are plenty of great styles available to make it easier to match a piñata to your party theme. Buy plenty of candy and small trinkets to fill the piñata and find a stick or bat to break it open. Hang the filled piñata outdoors and give each child a chance to take a swing at the decoration. Use a blindfold for older children to make it more challenging.

Musical statues

This simple but fun game is as much fun to watch as it is to play! Set up your dance floor and get your music ready. One parent is the DJ and turns on the music for a few seconds. While the music plays, all the kids dance and move around like mad. When the music stops, they have to freeze in place. The last person moving after the music stops has to sit down, and the cycle is repeated until only one person is left. They are the winner and should receive a small prize.

This game is even more fun when you incorporate disco lighting. The kids will have loads of fun chasing the moving lights around the room, and they’ll burn off loads of energy in the process!

Older kids

Older kids and teens will want less parental involvement, but they’ll still need ideas on how to keep their friends entertained.

Two truths and a lie

All the guests sit in a circle and take turns telling facts about themselves. They must tell two things that are true and one that is not, and the other guests have to guess which is the lie. The first person to guess the lie wins a piece of candy and gets to be the next one to tell about themselves.

Scavenger hunt

A scavenger hunt is a great way to keep older kids entertained, especially if you offer prizes as incentives. You can make the list of items as easy or complicated as you like, and set the area in which the kids can search. Put an extra difficult to find item on each list as a bonus, but don’t make it so difficult that they want to give up!

Making fairy floss

A fairy floss machine is a fun way to entertain older kids, especially if they get to make their own! They can create plain fairy floss or use flavoured packs for different flavours. Every kids loves fairy floss, and most can make their own with just a little help. Older kids can do it without help, but make sure they read the instructions first.

If they enjoy making fairy floss, older kids may also enjoy decorating cupcakes and cookies if they aren’t into playing games. Prepare all of the supplies before the party starts and use paper plates for easy cleanup.


This game involves splitting the teens into teams. Each team chooses one person to be the ‘mummy’ and the other team members wrap the mummy up using toilet roll or bandages. Give them accessories to use and tell them to be creative…the team with the best mummy wins a prize!

Outdoor fun

Pool parties and outdoor birthdays are a lot of fun for kids of all ages. Older kids love chilling by the pool, while younger ones can play a rousing game of tag or hide and seek.


Older kids love paintball, but you need to make sure you have adequate safety gear and plenty of space. Even better, take the party to a paintball operator and let them handle the mess!

Water pistols

Fill several water pistols or even spray bottles with water and give one to each child. Draw bullseye targets on paper plates and place them far enough away to be a challenge, but close enough to hit. Let the kids shoot the targets and see who is the best shot! Of course, expect them to blast each other as well! This is definitely a game best played in swimsuits or even in the pool.

Variations on this game can include blasting ping pong balls off of upside down cups or knocking over dominoes with the spray from the pistols. Get creative and let the kids help create targets that are fun and challenging to hit.

No matter what age your birthday party guests are, there are lots of games and activities to help keep them entertained. Remember to consider the ages and abilities of your guests so everyone can be involved. If you have a party with several different age groups you may want to have older kids supervise younger ones in some easy activities. This will be fun for the kids and give the adults a break, too!

Have a great party!

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