How to Host the Perfect Princess Themed Party for Little Girls

How to Host the Perfect Princess Themed Party for Little Girls

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Every little girl dreams of being a fairy tale princess, and it’s no surprise that this is one of the most popular birthday themes among children. If you haven’t a clue what to do, don’t worry…we have everything you need to create the most Happily Ever After birthday party for your little princess!

Colour Matters


Ask any little princess and she’ll tell you, your party colour scheme definitely matters. Think pastels, think girly, and definitely think PINK. Sparkly, pretty and feminine are the keywords when decorating for your princess, so take a look at anything your child already has in their bedroom or playroom to get inspiration for your party décor.

Pink balloons, tablecloths and paper products are very easy to coordinate and will help keep your princess theme in full swing. Mix with other pastel or bright colours, but stick to either pastel or brights for a cleaner, more polished look.

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Decorations fit for a Princess


Make every little girl at the party feel just like a princess by encouraging them to dress appropriately in princess dresses and tiaras, and help them feel as though they are really in a royal palace with decorations fit for royalty. Pink paper lanterns, floaty fairy lights and fairy princess themed wall decorations will help you create a fantastic look in no time at all, and for a relatively low cost. Plus, you can choose to reuse the decorations in your child’s bedroom to create a lovely place for your little princess to sleep or play.




Food for your party doesn’t have to be extravagant, but it must be in keeping with your theme! Cupcakes are a great alternative to a large cake and will allow you to personalize each cake to suit your theme. Pink frosting, pastel coloured sugar sprinkles and even princess themed trinkets such as rings and badges make great decorations for the cakes. Or, you could create a castle for your princess using our Castle Cake Pan Mold. Decorate it yourself, or have the princesses decorate the cake as part of the party festivities.

Pink drinks and pink fairy floss are also great food choices for a princess party, though any colour fairy floss will work as long as it is princess approved! Try adding a little drama to your table with a real princess Ice Palace. Little princesses will love it! Also, if you have the space and the time, build a Candy Buffet for your young guests, and their parents, to enjoy.

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A few planned activities will help your princesses burn off some energy during the party. Dance games are always fun, as well as dressing up with face paints. Have every princess pose for a photo before they leave the party so that you can provide them with a lasting memento of the day. Easy craft projects are also a great way to keep the guests entertained while they are waiting on party food to be served.

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Loot Bags


Even princesses like loot, so remember to send each pretty princess home with a lovely bag of goodies to thank her for attending your princess party. Party bags, or loot bags, are a great way to end any party and fun for every child. Put in some sweets, a few favours and a thank-you note for each guest to show your appreciation.

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