Throw An Awesome Minion Party For Kids!

Throw An Awesome Minion Party For Kids!

minion party

Do you have a child who’s a little, well, ‘despicable?’ Maybe they just go absolutely ‘bananas’ over those cute little Minions… The Despicable Me films were pretty cute, and there’s no doubt that the Minion spinoff film will be just as big a hit with the kids. Why not throw a Minion themed party and use the funny little characters as the inspiration for some serious fun?


Colour-wise, you can capture the feel of the Minions with plenty of yellow and blue, just like the Minions themselves in their blue dungarees. Because the little yellow fellows are tinkerers and creators, you can also add a high tech edge to your party decor.yellow cupcakes

Fill some blue and yellow balloons with helium, and tie them in bunches. Attach these to tables and chairs for an instant touch of Minion madness. If you have a steady hand, you could even draw Minion faces onto yellow balloons, and give these to the kids to play with. (Or, use this as a craft activity to keep kids busy.)

Blue and yellow paper puffball decorations are inexpensive and easy to set up, plus you can transform them into Minions with a little hot glue and some googly eyes. Or, buy some yellow paper lanterns and create luminous Minions using candles or LED tealights.

If your party is in the evening, add some fun lights to the tables or walls with Peel and Stick Party Dots. They’ll make the place look more like Grue’s secret lair, and give the Minions something to talk about.


What do Minions eat? Minions love bananas and bapples, erm, apples. Coincidentally, these are great party foods for kids, if you can convince them that fruit is the new cake. Fortunately for them, and you, it’s easy to create Minion themed party foods that the kids will love.

Top cupcakes with bright yellow frosting, then use a frosting pen to draw on Minion eyes. You can also sweets to create the face, with strips of licorice for ‘hair.’

Cake pops are also a great choice for a Minion party. Do them in yellow and blue, then decorate the yellow ones to look like your favourite Minions.

macaronsWe’re not positive, but we believe Minions would love macarons, especially if you make them using yellow and blue food colouring. Macarons are fairly easy to make, if you have the right tools, and kids love them.

For interactive food, you can’t get more fun than making your own doughnuts. Let your little Minion guests make their own tasty doughnuts on their very own Minion assembly line machine. They can watch the hot and fresh doughnuts roll out off the assembly line, then they can have fun decorating them.

Finally, don’t forget the fairy floss. Make it at home using flavoured fairy floss mix, and create fun, fluffy treats for every little Minion at the party. Wondering what flavour Minions love? Banana, of course!

Minions by the pool

Create a luau, Minion style, by using the decorations mentioned above outdoors, by the pool. You can set up a face-painting area and give each child a Minion Makeover as they arrive, then let them enjoy playing outdoors or swimming (you might want to wash the face paint off before letting them in the pool.)minion cake via flickr

Be sure to keep plenty of drinks on hand for thirsty Minions. Orange juice can easily pass for “Minion Juice,” especially if you serve it from a clear drinks dispenser with a Minion face drawn on.

Put out a bubble machine, switch on the sprinklers or break out the water balloons for some fun and active play to let the guests burn off all their Minion energy before sending them home with Minion themed treat bags. You can actually make some really cute loot bags using yellow bags, blue paper, a black pen and some googly eyes from the craft store. (Here are the Instructables instructions.)

Have fun coming up with your own Minion ideas, or use some of ours. It’s bound to be a fun party that kids will go bananas over. Or, they might go bapples over it, you just never know…

minions having fun

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