The ultimate party guide to having the best 30th Birthday

The ultimate party guide to having the best 30th Birthday


The ultimate guide to having the best 30th Birthday

Hosting a 30th birthday party can be fun! You can really have an amazing birthday party if you follow the tips below. Yes, we are not looking at lame paper party hats. We are not looking at you serving warm beer in boring paper cups, it is a big NO! If you really want to feel young within, you must get your 30th birthday party right! Remember, it is one important occasion  that happens once in your life time; you turn 30 once remember. Here are ultimate guide for your 30th birthday party… If you are turning 30 or no someone who is soon be sure to pass this blog post onto them…

  • Choosing the right venue

The right venue is as important as your 30th birthday. Why? It’s because a wrong venue will mess your efforts up! As you grow older, you begin to realize that you no longer do things the way you used to do when you were younger! You can’t afford to do things any where and any how! If you have enough space, you can host the party at your place. Ensure you consider a place spacious enough to accomodate what you have planned! People shouldn’t come and start struggling for space. Finally, if you are hiring a hall, ensure you get the right information about the terms and conditions of the place you are using in order to avoid embarassment.

  • Your DJ is very important

Yes! Music is very important to us all. This is why your DJ is very important here. The right songs will light up your day and your guests will dance to the beats. If you are hiring a DJ, ensure you requests for the songs you like. Better still, give your DJ the information needed to make the right choice while selecting songs for your 30th birthday party. You don’t want to kill the fun with songs that are not interesting to you and your guests right?

  • Get started with Backyard Bonfire

Celebrate your 30th birthday around a backyard fire with friends.  And this clever birthday fire starter is the perfect way to get the party started. It is usually something different and fun! Get the party started with a born fire with friends!


  • Inviting the right people

Look, you know your guests and what they really enjoy. Some people love parties while some are the very cold reserved set of people. You know your friends and your friends know you! Ensure you invite the right people who will give the right mood or atmosphere to your party. Some people are better not invited for an important party such as your 30th birthday party!

  • Glitter Photos

There are so many good things going on in this party, from the tinsel number 30 to the metallic cupcake liners. A tribute to your memories can really make your party awesome. It is really a great idea. Definitely you have plenty of photos from your past, so let them sparkle at your party by setting out old photos as decor. Your guests will surely love this idea.

  • 30 Wishes

This idea is one of my favourites and it should be done at your 30th birthday party too. See how it is done: tell each guest to write out 30 wishes for you , and tie each to the string of a balloon. They should set the wishes free after blowing out the candles for a display no one will ever forget. Amazing right?

  • Outdoor party tips for your day

What if you are taking your party outdoor? Yes, there are benefits for this, such as enough space for your guests, avoiding messing up the floor etc. You are the celebrant so, make your choice! If you choose the outdoor event which can be done even at the pool, decorating it shouldn’t be a problem here. If there is no available electricity, you can make use of wireless, battery-powered LED lights instead. Colour changing paper lanterns can instantly add drama to any outdoor event. Definitely, they will look amazing at your party.

  • Message Wall

We all are used to the birthday cards tradition. For this 30th birthday party of yours, skip the birthday cards! Tape black butcher paper to the wall and leave out some metallic gel pens for guests to leave you some epic birthday messages. It will be good if you inform your guests right on time about this.

  • 30 Years of Awesome

Party Decorations are important so shout the truth, let the whole world hear you! You just spent 30 years grooming yourself to reach this level of awesomeness. Say so with a cute chalkboard sign by the buffet.

  • Oreo Tiered Cake

That you turned thirty doesn’t necessary mean you have to grow up : ) You can still celebrate your thirty with a favorite childhood treat stacked into a cake. And of course, don’t forget to have cups of milk out for dipping.

  • Party Picks

You can really take party food up a notch by topping finger food, sandwiches and even the cake with cute toothpick tags. They are awesome!

With the above guides, you can make your 30th birthday party not to feel like “just another party.” You can easily make it special with a little planning, plenty of good friends, great playlist and a lot to celebrate. Simply do it your way using our ultimate 30th birthday party guide. HAPPY 30TH BIRTHDAY!

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