The History Of Birthday candles

The History Of Birthday candles


Birthday candles for birthday parties…

What’s a birthday if there’s no blowing of birthday candles? Kids, teens or adults, men or women, working or stay-at-home…everyone gets a little excited blowing their own birthday candles.

Blowing of birthday candles started from the Greek’s traditional belief of placing candles at the centre of the cake as an offer to Artemis. Incidentally, the Germans also believe that big candles placed on a cake represent of the ‘light of life’ and they have this special tradition for religious purposes.  As for other nation, it was believed that placing lighted birthday candles on top of the cake is a way to send signals and wishes to God so that the desired answer will be given. Blowing of the candles afterwards signifies that the wish, signal or prayer was received.

In today’s time, we still follow the traditional way of blowing the birthday candles. People get to sing the ‘happy birthday’ song, then the celebrator will close his/her eyes, silently say a small prayer, a message of thanks and/or wish for something and then blow the birthday candles. Others believe that saying the wish out loud or sharing it with somebody else will result from not having his/her wish granted.

So it has become apparent that birthday candles are indispensable to any birthday parties. From the old-fashioned striped or cylindrical tapered candles, we now have number-shaped candles, other shapes of candles such as stars, balls, flowers or even shape of cartoon characters. There’s also what we call trick or magic candles which will automatically re-light themselves despite continuous blowing and also coloured flame candles.  Lastly, there are also edible birthday candles, which are normally made from soya milk.

Birthday candles are definitely a must have to any birthday parties,They add beauty to the cake itself, and most importantly, they give more hope to the birthday celebrator him/herself.

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