How To Plan A ‘Frozen’ Themed Birthday Party

How To Plan A ‘Frozen’ Themed Birthday Party

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If you have a little girl who loves the Disney film ‘Frozen’, why not host a ‘Frozen’ themed birthday party for her? Here we’ll show you how easy it is to create a wintry wonderland to rival the one in the film, and you’ll have one happy little princess on your hands!
Set the scene
Recreate the look of the movie right in your own home with a little creativity and clever use of colour.
  • Use the Living Colour light decoration to create an icy blue backdrop for your party that is reminiscent of the icy world of ‘Frozen’.
  • Blue, white and silver are the perfect colour scheme for your party, so use these colours wherever you can.
  • Fill clear balloons with silver glitter, then inflate them with helium and tie a silver or white ribbon to each balloon for a sparkly party decoration.
  • Hang a Glitter Twist decoration above the cake or gifts to create a fun focal point for guests to enjoy.
  • Fill your party venue with some amazing Instant Snow. It looks and feels just like real snow, and the kids will love playing in it. Use as much or as little as you like, just add water and ‘let it go’!
  • Nikel ball string lights look just like snowballs, and they add a special look to tables or walls.
  • Use ice blue and white Chinese paper lanterns to add an icy ambience to your party. As an added bonus, these pretty lanterns can be used for your other special events as well.

frozen party paper lantern glitter

Frozen food ideas
  • Keeping with the colour scheme, serve fluffy white fairy floss and cupcakes topped with white frosting.
  • Special touches such as edible glitter or candy snowflakes are impressive, but you could  give each child a handful of sweets and let them decorate their own snowman cupcake, just like the one in the film.
  • Serve up tasty snow cones for all the party guests and flavour them with blue raspberry snow cone syrup.
  • Mini ice cream biscuit sandwiches are fun frozen treats that the kids will love, and the adults will, too!
  • Try dipping marshmallows into melted white chocolate, then roll the marshmallow in sugar crystals. Pop each marshmallow onto a cake pop stick and serve!
  • Blue gelatin looks a lot like ice, but it’s a lot more fun to eat!

snow cone cotton caney
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