How to organize mums 50th birthday party

How to organize mums 50th birthday party

It is quite common for mums to plan and organize the birthday parties of their kids. But as sons and daughters, we can return the favour by planning and organizing our own mum’s birthday party, like their 50th birthday party.

Most women would want to have a grand birthday party when they reach 50. They see this as another phase of their life and the party will serve as their celebration for the past wonderful and colourful 49 years and to welcome their 50th and onwards with a bang.

So what are the top-most priorities when organizing for a 50th birthday party?

Surprise or not so?

Do you want it to be a surprise celebration of your mom’s 50th birthday or would you rather involve her for the entire planning and organizing steps?

If you prefer surprise birthday party, the primary benefit of it is that you will make your mom extra happy and excited. She will just have to attend the event, not knowing what to expect. You take off all possible worries and stress from her shoulders leaving lots of spaces for her to enjoy her big day.

The downside of it is that you may forget some details or she may be expecting something that you don’t know. Also, she might have some people she would like to see present on her birthday. Technically a surprise birthday party will make your mum really feel surprised, but you as the organizer will also be surprised as to how she will react.
Are you in or not?

The next on the list is knowing who’s in or not. Who are the guests and how will you invite them? Since it is a big and important celebration for your mom, of course, her friends should be there. Families, relatives and even chosen co-workers should be invited too. Nowadays, formal invitations are replaced by just text messaging and/or social network updates and messaging. Would you opt to follow this trend or stick with the proven and formal way of sending proper invites?

The busy bees.

Aside from you as the main organizer, who else will be directly involved in the party planning and actual execution? If you come from a big family or if you have extended relatives and/or close friends who are willing to be of help, then you can delegate tasks. Have some people who will be responsible for the menu. Another group to be assigned as venue organizer. One or 2 people who will distribute invitations and take note of RSVPs if necessary.

The good thing about having people help you out is that the tasks will not only be distributed to several people, but also having several heads thinking of how to make the day perfect means generating more ideas and concepts.

Tear-jerking program or not?

Assess whether or not a formal program – complete with speeches, singing, and other presentations – would make your mum happier. Or do you think your mum should rather have just a typical night mingling with friends over several bottle of wines and a specially prepared menu at a specially organized venue.

Remember that the kind of program that you should have for your mum’s 50th birthday party must depend on what you think your mum would like the best. It will be for her so focus on her preferences, and not yours.

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