3 Spooktacular Jack-o-lanterns For Halloween

3 Spooktacular Jack-o-lanterns For Halloween

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Once you try making these fantastic jack-o-lanterns for Halloween, you’ll never carve a boring pumpkin again! These are the perfect decoration for your Halloween party, and they are sure to impress your guests with your spooky pumpkins!

Rainbow Flame Pumpkin

rainbow flame

What You’ll Need:

A carved jack-o-lantern
Hand sanitizer

This one is super easy…just carve up your pumpkin as normal, then cover it in hand sanitizer on the inside and out.

Sprinkle a light dusting of borax over the outside of the pumpkin, then set it alight. The flame will burn out fairly quickly, so this one should be used for a dramatic effect at a party or event, and be sure to ignite it on a flame resistant surface.

Glow In The Dark Jack


What You’ll Need:

Glow In the dark paint
Black permanent marker (optional)

This is one jack-o-lantern that you can make with or without carving the pumpkin. If you choose not to carve it, just draw on the face with the black permanent marker.

Paint the entire jack-o-lantern with the glow in the dark paint, and allow it to dry. Add another coat, and when it is dry, sit the pumpkin under a bright light to charge the paint. It should glow for several hours in the dark, depending upon the paint that you use. It also looks amazing under a black light!

Dry Ice ‘Smoking’ Jack-o-lantern


What You’ll Need:

Jack-o-lantern (carved and cleaned out)
Dry ice pellets
Water in a container
Glow sticks (optional)

Carve up your pumpkin into a spooky jack-o-lantern, and remove the insides.

Place a container of water inside the pumpkin, and drop in a few dry ice pellets. Replace the top of the pumpkin, and watch the ‘smoke’ pour out of its mouth and eyes.

For an eerie look, add some glow sticks to the inside of the jack-o-lantern before adding the dry ice.

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