Glow Stick Person Halloween Costume

Glow Stick Person Halloween Costume

glow stick person costumeNeed something quick and easy for your Halloween costume this year? Maybe you want the kids to be extra visible while they’re out trick or treating. This fun costume is perfect for all ages, and makes a great idea for group costumes, too. It’s even fun for a hens party or night out with the lads.
The glow stick person Halloween costume only requires a handful of items to make, and you may even have most of it at home already. Here’s how you can create your own glow stick person Halloween costume for yourself or someone else.
What you’ll need:
Black hoodie
Black trousers
Clear tape
Glow sticks (the bendy ones work best, but you can use the thicker ones in a pinch)
glow stick person costume materials
Decide what design you’d like to use for your stick person costume. Plain stick figures are easy and look great, but feel free to experiment if you want more detail on your glowing person.
Lay out your glow sticks to get an idea of how it will look, but don’t activate them until you are ready to go out in your costume, as glow sticks only last several hours.
When you’re ready to wear your costume, activate each glow stick and tape each one in place on the trousers and hoodie to create your stick figure.
creative with design fun for any age
Don’t forget to do the back of your costume as well. This will increase your visibility and looks awesome whether you are coming or going.
Get creative, and add glowing accessories such as glow stick glasses or LED shoelaces for a really amazing look.
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