Winter Carnival Party

Winter Carnival Party

winter candy bar buffet

Looking for a classy, elegant, yet fun theme for a winter party? Maybe your winter wedding needs some character, or your child’s birthday lacks a little sparklethen this is the theme for you!


Winter is anything but dull with this fun party theme. Here are some super simple ideas to make your next winter party perfect using a winter carnival party theme.

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Every carnival needs sweet treats, so whip up your own the easy way. Fairy floss at home takes only minutes, and you can make all sorts of flavours and colours to match your party decor. Try plain white, soft blue and pale pink to really make it look authentic.


Cake pops can double as edible decorations, so let your imagination run wild with the icing. Glittery sugar looks a bit like frost, while simple white looks like small snowballs.


Marshmallows are also another ‘food as decoration’ choice that’s perfect for all types of parties. Let the kids build their own mini snow men using frosting pens and marshmallows, or turn jumbo marshmallows into elegant pops by inserting sticks, dipping the marshmallow into melted chocolate, and topping with edible glitter or coloured sugar.


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Exactly how does one decorate for a winter carnival theme party? Any way you like! You could stick with traditional bright carnival colours, but we think pastels and whites are just a little frostier, and perfect for winter!


White or cream-coloured balloons are a good choice, especially if you fill them with helium. Anything sparkly, such as diamantes or glittery decorations will lend a chilly touch of class to your festivities.


If you really want to impress your guests, bring the stars inside. The Amazing Laser Stars Projector  creates a stunning stellar display that’s as pretty as the Aurora Borealis right on your wall or ceiling. It makes an excellent backdrop for your party and provides a lot of ambience.


If you’d rather have fireworks, go right ahead. You can have them in your front room, thanks to the Indoor Fireworks Projector. They look so real, your guests will be completely amazed!




Every winter carnival needs some tasty beverages to keep guests happy, so pull out all the stops and fill a cocktail punch fountain with a frosty cocktail for your guests to enjoy.


Try some of these tasty Blue Lady cocktails for the adults, and whip up a batch of hot cocoa for the kids.


Let your imagination run wild when the temperature drops, and find lots of great inspiration for your next winter carnival party right here at Party Supplies Now!


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