Fun and Fanciful Garden Party Ideas



Warm weather and sunshine are all you need for a great outdoor party, so why not take advantage of the season’s great weather and host a fun and fanciful garden party? Keep it simple or plan a fancy garden gathering, but don’t miss the chance to spend time with good friends celebrating in the great outdoors. Here are some garden party ideas to help get you in the mood for a garden party!


Tea party in Wonderland


Create your very own Wonderland in your garden by hosting a tea party fit for a Mad Hatter. All you need is a table, tea set and tasty treats to recreate the infamous tea party from ‘Alice in Wonderland’. Grab an assortment of teacups, small plates and teapots to create the slightly mad looking table from the children’s story, and use wildflowers or even garden vegetables for your table decorations.

For a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party, the more outrageous the décor, the better! Why not have the Mad Hatter himself greet your guests as they enter the garden? Don’t forget to serve appropriately wondrous foods, such as mini cupcakes and brightly coloured drinks to add character to your table.

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Romantic Garden Party


Gardens are certainly romantic, in the right light. Evening garden parties are a great way for couples to get together and enjoy dinner in the great outdoors, and it’s so easy to add a romantic feel to any garden with the right lighting. Opt for lovely floating candles in water-filled vases on your tables to really turn on the romance. Scatter silk rose petals on your table tops and hang some softly illuminated string lights or paper lanterns around the garden for added ambience.

For an added touch of practical elegance, use the Ice Wine Cooler to keep your wine chilled beautifully. If you aren’t serving dinner, romantic finger foods such as fresh fruits, chocolate fondue and cheeses are a must. Tasty nibbles, candlelight and roses…your garden party could turn into a romantic evening for two if you’re not careful!

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For the Kids


If you want to plan a garden party for children, there is nothing more fun than a teddy bear’s picnic. Have each child bring a teddy and let them enjoy cupcakes and ‘tea’ with their furry friends out in the garden. Decorate with wildflowers, which the kids can collect for you, and add some jars of ‘honey’ for an added bit of cuteness.

For the food, you can’t go wrong with cake pops; you could even decorate them to look like little bears. And, of course you must have gummy bears!

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Grown-up Tea Party


Who says the kids get to have all the fun? Take advantage of great weather and invite a few friends around for your own tea party. Flavoured teas, mini cakes and some finger sandwiches are all you need for a fun tea party for the adults. Of course, you could swap the flavoured tea for the alcohol-filled kind, Long Island Iced Tea.  Better yet, turn your tea party into a garden cocktail party. Mix up some sangria and put out some snacks for a quick, easy garden party any time.


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