Boozy edible LEGO for your next party

Boozy edible LEGO for your next party

So maybe you used to play with LEGO when you were young? Maybe your kids love playing with it now.. Well
right when you thought LEGO’s couldn’t improve, someone pops up and makes a formula for consumable ( Yes you can eat them!! ) custom made sticky LEGO pieces that you can even stack and build with!. Thanks to the guys at ‘ Kind of random ‘ who have there own you tube channel, now you will be able to make this for yourself or kids..

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What you will need:

1/2 cup of very cold water
1/4 cup of corn syrup
2 packets of unflavoured gelatin
120ml vodka — Leave this out obviously if your making for the kids
1 pack (85g) of jelly

lego for cocktail parties

How to make your own edible Lego:

1) Put the corn syrup into the cold water and blend until its completely dissolved.

2) At that point empty the your mixture into a pan but don’t start the heat yet.

3) Include both packs of gelatin and afterward the powdered jelly and vodka. Blend until all the gelatin is blended in.

4) Set your stove to medium/low heating for around 5-10 mins and mix the blend every few minutes. At the point when the gelatin is totally liquefied, the syrup can be put into the molds.

Leave it so it can set for about five hours.

Begin building/eating!!

Here is the you-tube video for you to watch…


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