How to adorn your wedding with flowers

How to adorn your wedding with flowers


How to adorn your wedding with flowers

You must be one of those sweet and lovely brides who just love flowers. You automatically smile with the sight of flowers, you find beauty in every bit of colour that each petal of flowers gives and you can’t help smelling the flowers that gets your attention.

If you are one of the bride-to-bes like this, then it is but to be expected that you would want every corner in your wedding and reception venue to be adorned with flowers. So how can you do that? Here are some creatively thought out ideas on how you can adorn your wedding with lovely flowers:

Fresh flower garlands

You can have fresh flower garlands in your wedding venue by hanging flower garlands at every corner of the aisle, on the front door of the church and/or at the very centre where the couple and the marriage celebrant will be situated.
Fresh flower garlands may also be used to adorn the reception venue. Garlands strung above the door or at the entrance area, in every windows or crisscrossed on the ceilings at the exact location where the newly-wed couple would be seated, or if there is a stage, this can also be strung at the edge of the stage.

Flower String lights:

There are many options you can use with flower string lights that will light up your event and add class to the event. They are very easy to setup and look great at night.

Garlands can be made out of hardy blooms which may last long, 2-3days is the ideal lifespan, so that it will still be in a fresh looking state even if it was decorated at the venue a day before the wedding. Flowers that are usually used as garlands are lisianthus and gladiolus and leaves from camellia. These can be hooked alternately through a waxed string and stored in freezer overnight before setting it on the wedding venue.


Flowers are the best centrepieces, especially for a wedding. It blends nicely with other centrepiece that you may want to include such as candles, wine bottles, dried wood/branches and/or herbs.
Roses, orchids, daisies, calla lily, peony, ranunculus, and tulip are the top choices for flowers as centrepieces. The key here is creative arrangement. If you have flowers in your garden, feel free to use them and arrange them as creatively as possible. You can put these flowers in long glasses, in long necked-bottles, and on old or used jars. Just make sure that there will be enough water in it to make it last longer. A mixed and matched of containers as well as of the flowers also heightens creativity.

Another option that you can do is to have floating flowers as a centrepiece. Petals or flower blooms (with just a maximum of 1 inch length of the stem) can be put inside a jar with water, in a bowl or any clear glass containers for that matter.
Wedding favours

To show your gratitude for your guests’ presence, you can use flowers, plants, or herbs as your wedding favours. These should be planted in small, individualized pots with your thank you notes in it and the guests can take them away to plant and take care of in their own homes.

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