How to make beautiful sparkle balls DIY

How to make beautiful sparkle balls DIY

How to Create Sparkle balls..

Perfect for holidays and Christmas time, a sparkle ball is an easy to make decorating accessory, which involves use of mini lights & plastic cups.

Here’s how it’s made!

Things you need:
• 50 Tumbler-style soft plastic cups (9 oz)
• Hole puncher
• Drill with ½ inch bit
• One mini lights string (100 to 150)
• Small zip ties (Around 200)

1. Take a driller and drill a hole at the bottoms of each cup. Make sure that the holes must not be less than ¼ or ½ inch. They must be wide enough to allow insertion of 1 or 2 mini lights.
2. Now take a hole-puncher and punch four holes (located at equal distance from each other) around top of each cup just beneath the raised lip.
3. For making “layer one,” take 12 cups and arrange them in a circle. Now run the zip tie through their holes and attach all the cups together. Secure it in such a way that a flat ring of cups is formed. Once secured, trim the zip ties.
4. For making layer two, you need 9 cups. First of all, take a cup and put it over layer one. Now with the help of a zip tie, connect it with the cup it’s on top of. However, make sure not to tighten up the zip tie too much. Repeat this process with all the remaining 8 cups, so that a layer two is formed. Now attached the cups on layer two with each other. Keep in mind that the each cup on second layer would be attached at 3 points. Once done, tighten up the zip ties and trim them.
5. For creating third layer, you will need 4 cups. Follow the same process like mentioned above, and tighten up and trim the zip ties. You have just created half of the ball.
6. Now it’s time to insert the mini lights. However, before doing so, check them whether they are working or not. While inserting the lights begin from the cord’s prong end. At the outer rim of cup, insert couple of lights that are close to prong.
7. In every cup, insert one or two lights and continue this process, while zigzagging the lights in and out of cups. However, make sure that when you end it, it ends at the outer rim of a cup close to the one with which you started.
8. Now create a second half by following the same process mentioned above.
9. However, while inserting the lights on second half, make sure that you begin from the cords opposite end. You can start from any cup and finish it at outer rim. Keep in mind that the last lights are quite hard to insert. Hence, you can also use couple of strands of mini lights, and connect them once you have threaded both the halves with light.
10. It’s now time to attach both the halves. Press them together and with the help of zip ties attach them both.
11. To make a hanger, you can use couple of “S” hooks and a chain. Select the top of ball and make holes between couple of cups. Now take one “S” hook and insert it in the hole. Now close it. Attach another “S” hook to the chain.
12. Your sparkleball is ready now. You can plug it in and watch it sparkle.

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