Dinner Party Secrets

Dinner Party Secrets


Dinner party ideas

A dinner party should be amazing, fun, entertaining, delightful and colourful. Follow these tips to make your next dinner party awesome.

Decoration ideas

Decorations are an important part of your dinner party. While decorating, always consider the theme of your dinner party. Plan your decoration to match your dinner theme. It’s paramount you decide how many guests you will inviting. If all you have got is a table for four, you really don’t need to worry because you can borrow, rent or even buy  a big folding table or you set up a concrete blocks and floor and top with plywood-meaning you can simply add tablecloth. If you don’t have tablecloth, simply look for one. Also look for a set of cloth napkins. You can get it cheaper from a thrift store or flea market preferably. You can choose to buy the material from a fabric store and cut to size with pinking shears.

You can ask your party guests to come along with their own chair if you’re short of chairs. This implies you should make your party BYOC if you’re short of chairs. Another way of tackling shortage of chairs is to throw a big blanket in the middle of your living room and then host an indoor picnic. (Kindly inform your guests ahead about your sitting arrangement so that they can plan their outfit accordingly.)

Remember to skip the super-scented sort (avoid freesia or lilies please) this is to prevent them from interfering with the flavors of your meal. Also keep them low so that guests will not need machete to see across the table. You can avoid huge expensive bouguets, march juice glasses, short glasses or tea cups with just one bloom in each down the middle of the table. You can set out a bowl of seasonal fruits in order to cut cost further. You may also cut flowers, branches or even large plant leaves from your yard, fill a small vase with fresh herbs you left over from your cooking.

Finnaly, in respect to your dinner party decoration, bear in mind that nothing kills the atmosphere of an intimate dinner like bright lightning. Cut the overheads and turn on lamps and light candles incase you don’t have dimmer. But if you have dimmer, go ahead and use it. Candlesticks or candelibra are very lovely too as long as they are not obstructing guests’ views.

A grouping of votives can be added on windowsills and side tables for even greater glow power. We think centerpieces are essential for dinner parties.. Take a look at these special LED light up bases.. 


led special effect light base

It’s also a GREAT idea if you set the mood before guests set their foot inside your door with candle bags lining the walk in..

One of the most popular lighting decorations for a dinner party would have to be a laser star projector

laser party


General tips

First, one of the most important thing here is how to set the table properly. The basic set up goes like this: Napkin should be in the centre of dinner plate, forks should be placed at the left, soup spoons and knives to the right, water glass over the knife and wine glass to the right. During the first course, guests should eat with the outermost silverware-usually a soup spoon or salad fork. Ensure you remove after the first course. Guests should walk their way inward. This means you must set the table accordingly. Once the table is cleared, desert should be served separately and desert forks brought out alongside desert bowls and plates. Also, you may want your guests retire to the living room and have their sweet there.

Finally, in respect to dress code for your dinner: a dinner party is better attended to with something slightly refined. This implies that it is best to avoid; T-shirts, jeans and sneakers.

Now, in case you are a fan of a casual buffet to a sit-down affairs, use place cards to identify each dish. This should be done particularly if any of your guests has certain dietary restrictions. It’s also advisable you indicate properly the flavor of the gathering so that your guests can dress accordingly.

Activity tips for your dinner party

The prime time activity in a dinner party is eating. Eating is what makes dinner parties so delightful and colorful. Remember you have two obligations: first, to sit still and consume the free meal and secondly, taking off the pressure of mixing and mingling from get-to go to goodbye. This does not mean that the dinner has to be strictly dinner and polite conversation. You can incorporate wine-pairing lesson with each course or ask guests to go round the table to share their own dinner party fantasy guest list. You can also throw a murder mystery dinner.

If you really want to make an amazing impression on your guests use one of our garden landscape lights to light up your home..

party light for gardens

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