Candy infused vodka shots

Candy infused vodka shots



• Lime green sour patch kids (Four 14oz bags)
• Juicy pear jelly bellies (2 ½ cups)
• Green apple laffy taffy (Four bags)
• Watermelon air heads (Four bags)
• Four different flavored Vodkas (watermelon, green apple, pear & lime flavors)
• Four big containers or jars (depending upon the amount of candy you will add)
• Cheese cloth
• Strainer or sieve


Directions for Preparation
1. Take the containers one by one and pour the different flavored vodka into them separately.
2. Now add some juicy bear jelly bellies, air heads & laffy taffy candy into the containers with respective flavors (air heads in watermelon flavored vodka, laffy taffy into green apple flavored vodka, and so on). However, make sure to add air heads & laffy taffy in more quantities as they have lighter flavor. Moreover, you can chop them up into smaller pieces with the help of a scissor and then add into the container. This will allow them to dissolve quickly.
3. You can put the labels with names on the container to avoid confusion.
4. Close the caps of container tightly and store them under normal room temperature to allow the candies to dissolve in the vodka. However, make sure to shake them from time to time in order to make them dissolve quickly.
5. Jelly belly & sour patch kids will take little longer to dissolve due to their gelatin like build. After few days, once the candy seems to be completely dissolved in the vodka, you can taste them to check whether they are ready or not. If necessary you can add some more candies or vodka depending upon your personal taste or preferences.
6. Once ready, take a sieve or a strainer and cover it with the help of a cheese cloth. Now place it over the bowls’ top and pour the vodka into it. Follow the same procedure with each one of the flavored vodka containers.
7. Your colorful Candy Infused Vodka are now ready, and can be served immediately in shot glasses, or stored for future use.

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