Magic Colour Sand

Magic Colour Sand


Magic Colour Sand

Here’s how we can make magic sand at home, a fun & amazing play product for kids.

Things you will need:
• Sand (A craft sand would be a better alternative)
• Colored sand
• Fabric protector spray
• Baking paper
• Plastic container for storing sand
• Water
• A vase made out of glass

Directions (Adult supervision is needed)
1. First of all make sure to take all the things out in an open under the sun. Now take a baking paper and spread the sand over it. Spray a heavy coat of fabric protector all over the sand till it becomes damp. Set it aside to dry out. Follow this same procedure with all the colored sand.
2. After the sand has become dry, put it in a container that will be later used for pouring the sand.
3. Now take the glass vase and fill it with water.
4. Pour the different color sands one by one in the water and you will amazed to see how they immediately take beautiful random shapes in the water.
5. You can later pour the water out of the vase and filter and collect the sand. You will be amazed to see that these sands are dry, and can be used later for the same purpose.

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