How to make your own Pillsbury crescent rolls

How to make your own Pillsbury crescent rolls

Wondering what  Pillsbury crescent rolls are? Would you like to make your own?

Pillsbury crescent rolls are used in many american recipes so in Australia the best option is to bake your own. Here is a great recipe which shows you exactly how to do this…


• Dry yeast (2 packets)
• Water (Three-fourth cup)
• Couple of big eggs (Beaten)
• Cubed shortening (One-fourth cup)
• Cubed butter (One-third cup)
• Divided flour (Four cups)
• Sugar (Half a cup)
• Salt (One teaspoon)
• Melted butter (One tablespoon)

Directions for Preparation
1. Take a big bowl and mix sugar (one tablespoon) and yeast with warn water. Set it aside for next 10 minutes till it becomes foamy.
2. Take another bowl and mix the rest of sugar, flour (three cups) and salt. Now stir some beaten eggs in foamy yeast, and then add butter and shortening. Add the flour mixture through dough hook and then add the remaining cup of flour into it and knead until it becomes smooth and elastic enough.
3. Take a greased bowl and place the dough in it and make sure the top of dough is greased in consistent manner. Set it aside for 1-2 hours till it becomes double in size.
4. To create crescents, divide the dough into two equal halves and then roll each half in a 12” circle that is ¼” in thickness. Now take soft butter and spread it over the circles. Cut each circle into equal 16 wedges. Now roll each one of the wedges starting from the biggest end. Place them over the greased baking sheet and then curve to create crescents. Cover them up for next one hour till they double in size.
5. Heat the oven at 200c, and for next 12-15 minutes bake them.
6. Once the crescent rolls have become rich golden brown in color, remove them immediately from the oven and apply some butter over them with a brush.
7. Your copycat Pillsbury crescent rolls are ready and can be served immediately.

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