10 Awesome Fun Things To Do With Glow Sticks

10 Awesome Fun Things To Do With Glow Sticks

If you’ve ever snapped a glow stick and stared at its brilliant light, you’ll love these awesome fun things to do with glow sticks.

Glowing Pool Party

glow sticks in swimming pool

Activate several glow sticks and toss them into your pool at night for a great look. The more you use, the better it looks, and they can double as fun pool toys for the kids until their glow fades.

Glow Stick Easter Eggs

plastic eggs filled with glow sticks

These are so much fun, you’ll want to use them year round! Just use the small sized glow sticks (like the ones you get with the Glow Bobby Pins) and place them inside plastic eggs. Hide them around the garden for your little ones to find.

Glowing Sweets

bowl of sweets with glow sticks

Glow sticks add all sorts of fun to a bowl of gummy sweets. Just activate a few sticks, place them in the bottom of a clear glass bowl, and pile on the gummy sweets. Creepy enough for Halloween, fun enough for birthdays!

Glow Ice Bowl

bowl of ice and drinks with glow sticks

Activate several large glow sticks and place them in the bottom of a bowl or bucket. Pile on the ice, and watch the lights shine through! Add your favourite bottles of drink and watch your guests try to figure out how you did it.

Glow Sticks as Room Decorations

glow sticks under blacklight

Link together glow sticks to form a chain to use as a garland, or hang several dozen glow sticks from a door frame using clear fishing line. They look great alone, but even better when you add a UV Blacklight.

Glow Cups

glowsticks in cup glow-stick-cups-for-a-party-final

Activate a glow bracelet, then drop it into the bottom of a clear cup. Place another clear cup on top, and add your favourite drink. Or, try our ready-made Glow Cups for instant fun.

Glow Stick Chandelier

chandelier made of glow sticks

If you really want an impressive one-off decoration, make one of these using fishing line, thin wire, and a lot of glow sticks!

Glow Balloons

glowing balloons

Activate a glow stick, place it in a balloon, and secure the balloon. Toss a few into your pool or lay them around the room for a fun, easy decoration.

Glow Stick Ring Toss

glow sticks and rings for ringtoss

Activate a large glow stick and stick it into the ground. If you want, insert it into a piece of PVC pipe in the ground for stability. Use glow bracelets for rings and try to get them on the large glow sticks. It’s harder than it sounds!

Glow Stick Ceiling Fan

glow sticks on a ceiling fan

Tape activated glow sticks to the blades of your ceiling fan and watch the crazy patterns emerge as it spins. Mesmerizing!

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