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How to make your own starburst vodka

How to make your own starburst vodka
How to make your own starburst vodka
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In this article, we will analyze all the aspects behind the process of combining vodka with Starburst candies. Here are the ingredients that you will need for this experiment:

- A bottle of vodka of good quality. You can obtain 5 batches with only a half of bottle of Svedka vodka of 1.75 liter. You will need to use the whole bottle in case you want to prepare more than 5 batches. 

- Next, you will need five bottles or flasks of approximately 250 grams. If you want to save some money on this process, you can also use some old glass bottles that include screw on lids, beverage containers, and so on. 

- To make sure that you will have enough candy for each batch, you need to purchase a big bag of Starburst. The proper ratio for this process will be 3 Starbursts for every 30 grams of Vodka. 

- Also, you will also need a plastic bottle for every batch that you want to prepare. 

- A funnel.

- A measuring cup

- Coffee filters

- A sieve
Since we are discussing about a process of infusion, the next thing that you need to do is to discover a proper work space for things to sit for an entire day. Protect your work space with newspaper. 

FIRST STEP: counting, measuring and separating
As mentioned earlier, you have to use 3 Starbursts for every 30 grams of Vodka. Considering the fact that the candy will fill up the bottle a little bit, you should use 30 grams of Vodka for the final product. 
My wish was to obtain 5 batches at 226 grams each. Therefore, I infused 198 grams of vodka with 18 candies for each batch apart.  

STEP 2: place the Starbursts into the water bottles
The next step would be to place the amount of Starbursts that you need for each batch into the empty water bottles. 
You can mix candies of different colors into the same bottle to obtain a mixed flavor batch, or you can simply go with the same flavor. You can play with the flavors and colors as much as you want, but you have to be careful to place the recommended portions of vodka and candies. The taste will probably be the same, considering the fact that vodka does not change the flavor of the candies in any way. 

THIRD STEP: Adding the vodka
You will need to add the vodka to the combination right after you have finished placing the candies into their water bottles. By using a funnel, you have to put the right amount of vodka into the bottle. 

FOURTH STEP: Shake the bottle 
To begin the process, you will need to shake each batch properly. This step will make the candy break down faster. 
You will notice that, as the candy breaks down, the vodka will take the color from the candies. 
You can shake the bottles as often as you can, for at least 10 seconds. You will notice that the Starbursts will get smaller and smaller as time passes by, and a while froth will appear on top of the mix. 

FIFTH STEP: Straining
If you start the process in the afternoon, the Starbursts will be completely broken down in the next morning. At this point, you will need to strain the infusions. 
This is necessary because the white froth that will develop on top of the mixture will not taste good, and may cause a lot of troubles while you consume the batches. The best part is that this mixture is much easier to strain when compared to the Skittles Vodka. 
Cover your measuring cup with a sieve containing a single coffee filter. Place one infusion into the sieve and let it strain properly. Once the staining process ends, you should notice some frothy stuff in the filter. It would be enough to filter the mixture just one time! Even though some of the frothy stuff will enter the measuring cup, it will not affect the flavor or look of the mixture. 

SIXTH STEP:  Pouring into the flasks
The next step would be to place the infusions into the glass storage bottles. You can use whatever you want from the bottles mentioned in the beginning of the article. Pour the infusions into the bottles with the help of the funnel. 

We all agree on the fact that vodka tastes greater when chilled, especially when it has been infused. Place the bottles into the freezer for 2-3 hours.

Drinking your creation...

Even though they will include a little bit of that vodka kick, the infusions will taste just like candy. Considering the fact that they are mellower compared to the Skittles infusions, you can drink them straight up. 
Even though you may not like the lemon flavor, you will find the strawberry-lemon combination to be really tasty. You will probably like the infusion which contains your favorite candy the most, considering the fact that the vodka does not change the flavor of the candy.
You can also consume the infusions in combination with soda or mineral water. You can also combine cherry Starburst vodka with coke and Orange Starburst vodka with lemon-lime soda. You can drink it with whatever you want as long as it goes well with the Starburst flavor. The infusions should go well with other drink recipes that include cherry liqueur or strawberry schnapps. 

Jarrod Brake Written By: Jarrod Brake
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