Why you must have  a proper DJ – Wedding Secrets Revealed

Why you must have a proper DJ – Wedding Secrets Revealed


Wedding Secrets Revealed: Why You Must Have A Proper DJ

Everyone with an iPod thinks they can be a DJ, but do you really want to trust the entertainment on the biggest day of your life to an electronic device? A proper DJ is more than just someone or something that provides music. Your DJ has a very important role to play in making your day unforgettable, so don’t risk the success of your wedding reception by not hiring a professional.

Entertaining Everyone

It’s not just the bride and groom who count when it comes to selecting music to play at the reception. If you want everyone to have a good time, the DJ needs to be able to play the right tunes for every demographic.

Your parents and grandparents won’t necessarily be up and dancing to the latest top 40 hits, but you also need to cater to the younger guests at your reception. Catering to a wide group of ages is not easy, but a professional DJ can do it, and make it seem effortless.

Your DJ As An MC

If you use a professional DJ, they should be able to keep the mood of the reception just right by providing the perfect mix of personality and professionalism. There’s nothing worse than a drunk, obnoxious DJ who cracks jokes that aren’t funny and embarrasses the bride and groom. Dead air, inappropriate song choice and immature antics are unacceptable at your wedding, so don’t rely on a part time party boy who will ruin your memories of the big day.

Quality vs. Quantity

Sure, he may have 5000 songs on his iPod, but does he have the professional equipment needed to back them up? Don’t forget that your speeches, thank-yous, and even your wedding vows will need to be heard, so if the DJ isn’t packing the technology, send him packing instead.

If Something Goes Wrong

No matter how wonderful the DJ is, there’s always a small chance that something will go wrong. A professional will know how to handle an unexpected power cut, equipment malfunction (and he’ll be able to get a backup in place), and he’ll keep everything moving smoothly regardless. This is where the men stand out from the boys, so to speak. If your DJ can’t cope with a music emergency, there’ll be panic at your disco, and not the good kind.

Tips & Tricks

It’s not usually possible to watch your DJ at another wedding as its not very appropriate to attend someone else’s wedding so you can check out a potential supplier. We recommend to see the clients they have worked with and any recommendations.
Give them a request list, but don’t expect that to be the exact list played. Remember, he/she has to please everyone.



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