Ten Must Haves For a Perfect New Year’s Eve Party

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If you want to say goodbye to the year in style, you must have an awesome New Year’s Eve party. For a truly unforgettable party, there are some things that you really need to have. We’ve compiled a list of the ten absolute must haves for the perfect New Year’s party. Get ready to welcome in the New Year with a party your guests won’t forget!



Party food is without a doubt one of the most important aspects of any great party. You want to make sure you have plenty to eat, but you also need to make sure that your guests can mix and mingle while they nibble. Serve foods that are easy to eat while socializing, such as mini quiches and smaller versions of traditional party food favourites. Think small to have a big impact; mini cupcakes, cake pops, tartlets and mini pizzas are all great choices.

Try these Vanilla Cream Filled Strawberries at your party and see how fast they disappear. They are adorably elegant but so very simple, your guests will think you spent ages making them!



The worst thing you could ever do is run out of drinks at a New Year’s Eve party, so make sure you have enough for every guest, and then some. You could ask each guest to bring a bottle, since this would ensure that everyone has their favourite drink on hand. Don’t forget to provide non-alcohol drinks for those who prefer them.

Serve your drinks in style to truly impress your guests. Champagne is a must have drink since you’ll want to toast in the New Year. If you really want to wow your guests, toss an edible Champagne flower into each guest’s glass. They look amazing and taste fantastic, adding the perfect touch to a New Year’s toast.



It goes without saying that a party just isn’t a party without some rocking tunes, so make sure that you organize your playlist well in advance. Play a mix of golden oldies and current top ten hits, and you’re sure to please even the pickiest party guest. You could even compile a list of the top one hundred songs of the year to remind everyone of the past year. Remember, the better the music, the more likely your guests will be up and dancing the night away, so clear plenty of space so they can show off their best moves.

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You just can’t have a New Year’s Eve party without fireworks. It’s practically a law. If you can’t get to a fireworks display, you could watch one on television. Or, you could set off your own fireworks display right in your own garden. But, since loads of booze and fireworks aren’t the ideal combination, why not opt for an indoor display that is almost as impressive as the real thing?

The Indoor Fireworks Projector is the perfect alternative to a real fireworks display, and you can use it anywhere, anytime. The best thing about it is the fact that you can use it again and again, unlike real fireworks. You can even customize your own display to give your guests an amazing display every time.


Space to mingle

No one is going to dance all night, so make sure that you have adequate seating and space to mingle and chat. Your guests will appreciate your thoughtfulness when you offer them a comfy seat after hours of dancing, so make sure you have plenty of extra chairs on hand.


Awesome decorations

Don’t forget the decorations when you are planning your party. New Year’s themed decorations are great, but you can only use them once every year. Instead, opt for decorations that you can reuse throughout the year to really get your money’s worth.

For New Year’s parties, think bling. Shiny, silver and sparkly decorations are perfect, but if you want something more elegant, opt for a black tie theme. Don’t forget to decorate your table tops for a polished, perfect touch to your party.


Folding chairs are a handy way to offer extra seating without taking up too much space. If you really want to wow your guests, offer them a seat on an inflatable LED cube chair. They are fun and practical, and store easily when you aren’t partying the night away.


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It’s the little touches that add the biggest impact, so don’t forget those must have party accessories. Party poppers, confetti, noisemakers and paper hats are inexpensive and traditional, but so much fun. For the big moment when the clock strikes midnight, how about a balloon drop? It’s easy, fun and a lot less mess than confetti cannons.


Something unique

Every great party has something truly unique about it, so make sure yours stands out with something truly out of the ordinary. Whether you opt for a customized ice sculpture, VIP gift bags for every guest, or a cocktail fountain, pick one extraordinary detail and make your party really special.

Grab a camera and take plenty of candid photos of your guests enjoying themselves, then create a virtual photo album to send to each one. They’ll love the thoughtfulness and won’t forget your party any time soon.


A place to crash

Don’t let your guests drink and drive; organize a ride or a place to sleep off the night’s festivities. If your party is at your home, keep a few inflatable mattresses on hand and an electric pump to inflate them. If your party is at another venue, make sure to arrange for a cab or a hotel room for those guests that aren’t quite ready to drive home.


Hangover prevention

Don’t start the New Year off with a hangover; plan ahead and take precautions against those after party blues. You could just drink sensibly and make sure that you eat lots of food between drinks, but who really does that at a New Year’s party? Instead, try Party Armor, a hangover prevention supplement that uses natural ingredients to help reduce the toxicity of alcohol in your body. It can help you enjoy your party without waking up with a nasty hangover, and it’s a great gift for your guests, too.

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For more great New Year’s Eve party supplies, check out Party Supplies Now. Have a happy New Year, and a great party!

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