Save Money With an Eco-friendly Green Wedding


As more people seek to embrace green living in their lives, as trend has emerged for ‘green weddings’. If you want to plan a wedding that is kind to the environment but don’t want your big day to look cheap or poorly put together, consider some of these helpful tips. They will help you plan a green wedding that is gorgeous, better for the planet and easier on your wallet.


Invitations printed on recycled paper are much easier to find than they once were. You can even get paper made from things such as hemp and bamboo to further reduce the impact on the environment. Or, you could go even greener and simply send electronic invitations. Don’t be afraid to get creative and don’t worry about not sending paper invites. It’s your wedding, not your guests, and they will simply be happy to be invited.


When planning a wedding, the location you choose is one of the most important aspects of the entire event. You need to choose a venue that is large enough to hold all of your guests, decide whether the reception will be held on site or elsewhere, and ensure that it will be private enough for your big day.  After all, you don’t want to be bothered by strangers turning up on the happiest day of your life, do you?

Some venues are just naturally greener than others. Outdoor venues which utilize all that nature has to offer are a great option for people who want an environmentally friendly wedding venue. Having your wedding outdoors in the daytime eliminates or greatly minimizes the need for electricity. Using an acoustic band is a great way to provide the soundtrack to your big day without harming the environment.


Use existing items from your venue whenever possible to create a beautiful wedding décor. Wildflowers picked from the area make great table decorations when placed in pretty glass vases. For a dramatic effect, battery-powered light bases can be used with rechargeable batteries. You don’t even have to use flowers as your decorations. Seasonal fruit placed in pretty bowls or on serving trays can double up as reception table centerpieces.

Skip the confetti and opt for flower petals instead. Rose petals are a beautiful choice for replacing confetti. They also look great spread on table tops and around the seating areas. Provide organza bags at each table and encourage guests to scoop up a bunch of petals to save as a memento of the day. This will make cleanup easier and provide guests with a fragrant sachet to keep.

Bubbles provide lots of decoration with zero cleanup, so consider these, too.

For environmentally friendly lighting, choose paper lanterns that can be used with candles or LED lights, which are both eco-friendly and safe for use around children. Battery powered lights are a good choice as long as you can use rechargeable batteries in them. For a more traditional look, simply use candles to light the event. Try candle bag lanterns to illuminate walkways and paths.

Food and Drink

Paper products are easy but they aren’t necessarily easier on the planet. Opt for reusable plates and glasses or disposable ones made of recycled materials. Use scooped out melons as fruit bowls for a fun, elegant way to serve chilled fruit to your guests.

Keep cold foods and drinks on ice to prevent spoilage. For a very fun and practical way to keep wine and champagne chilled, use an ice wine cooler made with pretty flowers and water. They look amazing and keep drinks perfectly chilled for hours. Make sure to place it on a tray to catch the water that runs off as the chiller melts so your guests won’t get wet.

If you are using a caterer, ask if they provide ‘green’ menu options that take advantage of in-season fruits and vegetables, local foods and less meat or meat that has been farmed on local organic farms. Your caterer should be able to tell you exactly where your food has come from so you can see for yourself if it is eco-friendly or not.

Choose a wedding cake from a local bakery to reduce the distance that the cake has to travel. If possible, ask if the bakery can use organic, local ingredients to make it even more eco-friendly.


If you are having a lot of guests attend your wedding, organize a carpool or arrange for a bus to collect guests from their homes or hotels. This reduces air pollution, saves your guests money and hassle, and takes care of organizing parking for dozens of cars, which is especially useful if you are having your wedding outdoors.

Gifts and Favours

Party gifts and favours are a nice memento for your guests on the big day, but they can produce a lot of waste. Opt for environmentally friendly options such as bamboo coasters, seed packets or small plants in pots with your guests’ names on them. These lovely trinkets will be enjoyed for much longer than many other gifts and they’ll have less impact on the planet, too.

The Dress

Remember the old saying, ‘something borrowed, something blue’? Why not save money and resources by borrowing a friend or family member’s dress? If you want something of your own, buying a slightly used dress or even making your own are both very eco-friendly options. It doesn’t have to be big and expensive to be beautiful, nor does it have to be new.

The Rings

Believe it or not, the rings you buy could have a huge impact on the environment. Unethical mining practices could be very bad for the planet, and it can be difficult to tell if you are buying rings from a source that produces rings responsibly. Look for ethically sourced jewelry or be a bit unique and opt for a different material than gold and diamonds. It’s possible to get sterling silver jewelry that is made completely from recycled photographic and medical x-ray waste, making it better for the planet and less expensive, too.


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