Poison Toffee Apples

Poison Toffee Apples


Poison Toffee Apples ( Don’t worry they wont hurt you ;)   )

• Granulated sugar (Couple of cups)
• Water (Three-fourth cup)
• Liquid glucose or light corn syrup (Half a cup)
• Black gel food color (Few drops)
• Six Granny Smith apples

Direction for Preparation
1. Take a baking paper and grease it. Now put it over a baking sheet or tray.
2. Take the apples and one by one insert the bamboo skewers in them. Set them aside.
3. Now take a medium sized pot and mix sugar, glucose, food color and water. Heat the mixture at medium temperature and stir it till the mixture becomes smooth enough.
4. Once the sugar has completely dissolved, raise the heat and with the help of a pastry brush dipped in normal water, clean the sides of pot to prevent formation of sugar crystals.
5. Continue boiling till it reaches the hard crack phase (150c).
6. Now gently dip the apples in the hot mixture and then place them over the baking paper for next one hour to cool them.
7. Your Poison Toffee Apples are ready now, and can be served immediately.


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